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  1. Anyone want to supply an "Order By" syntax that sorts in ComicBook Order?
  2. Released this week... check. Released last week... check. What if I want to find earlier weeks? How do the first two work? I search for this week, and I get books with Cover Dates of 3/1/21, 1/1/21, 11/1/20 and blank. I search for last week, and I get books with Cover Dates of 12/1/20, 2/1/21, 2/15/21, and blank. What is it searching on?
  3. I've re-upped my subscription. I currently have ComicBase 2020 Archive Edition, specifically I plan on updating to CB2021. Is CB2021 it's own new animal, requiring an uninstall and new reinstall, or, in spite of the name change, is it implemented as more of an patch upgrade? I could not find an updater specifically for CB2020, or what the most recent version is; the current installer is for 2021, and the most recent legacy is for CB2017. Is the database format unchanged from CB202 to CB2021?
  4. I was mainly wondering, since this is not a new book. My copy is still sealed in cardboard, and is apparently shrink wrapped inside the box, so I don't think I'll be reading from the indicia any time soon...
  5. Appears to be similar to "Captain America: The 75th Anniversary Vibranium Collection" a MSRP $200 Hardcover collecting reprint. Packaged in a printed cardboard box. UPC 9 780785 193296 59999 Does it already exist? Should I enter it myself.
  6. So, continuing my wraparound updating saga... How do I force thumbnail reloads, either on individual issues, titles, or the whole shebang? I've rerun all list rebuilds, I search for Height/Width ratios and find items with wide pictures... but not all the thumbnails show the wide pictures. Some show the original single-panel-sized scans. But, if you focus on the picture, it will show the full wide picture.
  7. Book Pictures processed through 2244... Comic Pictures - 878799...1%...5%... Most of the time, processing runs at a rate where I can visibly follow the progression in the 10's digits. Occasionally, it runs at rates visible at the 100's or even 1,000's. 10%...20%...25%...50%...85%... done The same search now appears to find everything. As I was watching it go, I had to keep waking the screen up, which got me thinking... I think the past couple days when I ran this overnight, my power save would kick in 3 hours into the process, interrupting the process without warning or error. This time, I was watching it, and part-way through I changed my power settings to prevent it from cutting out. I'm guessing that the picture scan process runs in two parts because of the two types of file structures, with all the single-layer pictures run first, then the four deeper trees, and that my PC was shutting down early into the processing for those. Well, now I know,. And knowing is half the battle...
  8. My math was getting 3 decimals of fractional precision out of integer math. I ran your version, and I'm getting the same results. I did a search looking for owned issues with PictureWidth > 1, and definitely no DC, Marvel, or Image, but yes for Dark Horse.... I've been doing all this on my tower, which I just updated the software, database and picture stores as a backup from my laptop. I had reperformed all the list processings after the updates. I tried running a similar search on my laptop, and it finds everything. I think that the picture index process is not operating to completion on the tower. I'll try the list rebuild again and try to pay more attention. I can say, I did not see any error messages pitched when I previously performed it.
  9. I must be missing something here. (((I.[PictureHeight]*1000)/(I.[PictureWidth])) <= 1100) AND (I.[QtyInStock] >= 1) returned 23 results, way less than there should be, for example missing the X-Men (2nd Series) 1/E and 1/F, the first I could think of. Removed the QtyInStock, and added it to the OrderBy field, returned more, still the same 23 I own, and still missing many, many, including the above X-Men covers. Build 3599 I have already run Optimization and Rebuild All Lists, including pictures. I'm pointing at the official ComicBookScans directory. Possible hint... I don't think I see any Marvel or DC, and possibly Dark Horse or Image. Is it populating the database with data from the deeper ordered titles?
  10. Searched for the Item Field PictureFileSize IS NULL showing only Items in stock, and it found nothing. Same for <100. Same for all items. Advanced Find Qty and FileSize does work.
  11. I've pointed the system at my personal cover scan directory tree, and that works, I see them in the program. I rebuilt all Lists, including picture files. I search for I.[PictureFileSize] is less than or equal 1000, List only items in stock, and am told no matching items were found. Same for greater than or equal 1000. Same thing for all issues, not just in stock. Same thing for PictureHeight and PictureWidth. I tried Advanced Search for I.[QtyInStock] > 0, sort by I.[PictureFileSize] with Max Results to 30000, and this looks promising. 21,848 results, showing 5,000 at a time. But... When I click the arrow to see the next 5,000, the numbers change, but the issue grid does not update-I still see the same 5,000 issues. So, I've got the following... 1) Searching in Picture fields don't appear to work. 2) Searches of more than 5,000 are not viewable 3) I still don't have the information I wanted to have.
  12. We have #1, #3 and #4. Scooby #2, Where Are You?
  13. Running Sidekick updated, Lock Notes checkbox unchecked. Issue #1 for me still has the notes "Pink Skies; The Joes; Blue Sky Background".
  14. We might also want to allow a little user fine-tuning of what is included as "regular". Maybe someone wants to see lettered variants even when a regular issue exists...
  15. So, I was walking through my collection, trying to identify holes I want to fill, doing this with the "View | Items to Show" set to Owned Items + Regular Issues" when I get to the Title "Angel (Boom!)", which I have spotty ownership of. I am presented with the following list bold I own): 0, 2, 5/A, 5/B, 5/C, 5/D, 5/E, 6/A, 6/B, 6/C, 6/D, 7/A, ... No variations of issue #1, #3, #4? 1) Okay, 0 and 2 had straight "Regular" variations. That makes sense. Nothing else is shown, no bloody A, B, C or D, no multiple printings, they all get ignored. 2) 5 and 6, had no straight "Regular" variations; they only had lettered variations. Apparently this situation is recognized as consisting of multiple regular issues, so some issues that in case 1 would be ignored are instead now considered "Regular". 3) So, what's up with 1, 3 and 4? As in case 2, they had no "Regular" variations. However, in addition to having several lettered variations, they also each had a reprint "2nd" variation. Apparently, having no straight "Regular", but having a reprint "2nd", prevents the lettered variations from being considered "Regular". I think that the rules for deciding what is a regular issue needs a little modification. I propose that, in the absence of a regular issue, regardless of if there are reprints, that lettered variations be considered "Regular". There might be more circumstances to consider.
  16. Sidekicked an update today, and it had no problem. Thank you.
  17. Optimized. No change. Rebuild Lists. No change. Reboot PC. No change. Next?
  18. I just updated to When it first loaded, it did some database cleanups I hadn't noticed before. Post update, attempts to do a content update are failing, whether initiated in Sidekick or ComicBase itself. While "Reading comicbook issues", after hitting 50,000, it throws an error stating "Unable to load update: C:\#######\Local]Temp\X202002201602.ccx Index was outside the bounds of the array. (9)"
  19. Am I jumping into a thriving community or black hole of doom by asking if there is an equivalent for card collecting (non-sport, non-CCG) to ComicBase out there?
  20. I have a #-2 (Minus Two) and the indicia indicates that it is a first printing, but the cover is black with slightly lighter black lettering instead of the red that the official cover scan shows. Any thoughts?
  21. This flipbook scan is composited wrong. Both images are on the correct sides (brown on left, blue with UPC on right), but both are upside-down. This is not correctable by simply rotating the whole scan 180 degrees or mirror flipping the whole scan top-to-bottom; each side image needs to be rotated 180 degrees separately, so the current outer edges would then join in the center.
  22. TL;DR - Confusion can be avoided by adding indication of Category assignment on information listing. Had a little difficulty finding an issue I was adding to my collection. I had several, owned or wanted, but this one in my hand wasn't in the ComicBase list. I go to AtomicAvenue, pull up the title, and find the issue in my hand in the list with the other issues I have in ComicBase. I enter the UPC, and find the issue exists in ComicBase. Turns out, the title has been changed with the 2020 update from Comicbooks to Magazines. This period of confusion could be shortened if the category were displayed in AtomicAvenue.
  23. Is there a way to see extended information on AtomicAvenue to verify odd information, including UPC? I have noticed that I had an entry for The Ninjettes #2, an issue that appears to not exist compared with #2/A and #2/B. Fine. But, as I go to switch my inventory tick to a proper issue, I notice that my database has consecutive UPCs for #2, 2/A and 2/B, ending -211, -221 and -231. My issue has the cover that matches #2/A, which includes the issue UPC, ending in -211, not what is in ComicBase as -221.
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