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  1. Did a content update and I see that "X_Men Red (2nd Series)" has been renamed without the colon. So I'm moving my single issue from the old to the new title, and find an odd navigation issue... Starting on the first, "X-Men: Red", if I click the "Next Title" button in the upper right, I move to "X-Men: Red (2nd Series)". Click it again, I move to "X-Men Red (2nd Series)". All good. Starting on the last, "X-Men Red (2nd Series)", if I click the "Previous Title" button in the upper right, I move to.... "X-Men: Red". It skipped over the middle title "X-Men: Red (2nd Series)". Normal browsing through titles currently will show all titles, regardless of if I own any issues or not. At the moment, I had added the issue #1 to the colon-less (2nd), but had not zeroed out the issue #1 in the colon-full (2nd), so all three X-Men Red titles had at least one issue owned. Had just updated to
  2. Looking for sigil/signet type rings, with an image or design on the face. Than you.
  3. And there was a genie cartoon with kids with a pair of rings that fit half-to-half, I think? Ooooh, Underdog! Forgot about him.
  4. Both this and the ring topic are looking for other inspirations for an art project thought I'm working on. Also, Crayola and Disney Princesses (Might have to fudge it on an orange on that one)
  5. Not looking for physical rings... Looking for other examples in the literature. BTW, not only did they make those rings, but shortly after they made both a Flash and Legion Ring. I have them all.
  6. Infinity Stones Voltron (although really only 4 + Black)
  7. Side project of mine... Looking to crowd-source rainbow-themed sets in comic books and pop culture (ideally 6 or 7 color sets) Emotional Spectrum Power Rangers Care Bears My Little Pony M&Ms, Skittles, Peeps Lucky Charms
  8. Side project of mine... Looking to crowdsource additional references to iconic sigil-type rings, comic books or pop culture. Emotional Spectrum Flash Legion Flight Ring The Phantom
  9. I've noticed this on and off, but I haven't bothered to try and isolate why... Psychic typing in the Find box occasionally stops working for me. In the recent past before the most recent occurrence, I've changed my picture reference and had the PC sleep while CB was open, but I don't know if either of those is related or not. I might look further into this at a later date. Just wanted to let you know. Running
  10. My comic store person said something about the issues in question all being printed by a new printing partner, with the suggestion that maybe there was either a miscommunication or a supply-chain/inventory of cover stock issue.
  11. To which I say again... We'll happily accept notations when a book uses a "card stock" cover, but you are actively discouraging any notation of "plain paper" cover or similar for this non-standard printing? 1) I forsee the possibility that, through rarity due to being less durable, high quality versions might become scarcer and thus more valuable. Would be nice to know why. 2) If they reprint with regular covers using the same or similar illustration, would that cause a change of thought?
  12. I created and submitted this as "Spiral" bound, before noticing there was a "Hardcover - Spiral" binding type. I resubmitted as this. Please only enter the HCSpiral. Thank you.
  13. Poking this to see if anyone has new information. Reminder - the question is "What are the other 2 issues in the bagged 3-pack giveaway?" as I have a bagged 3-pack. Thank you.
  14. Was going through my "something odd with these books pile", and pulled this out. Since I have done multiple "Mass Change" to erase all Notes before updates, I don't have merged notes anymore. Have entered my unsigned, blue skies version as #1. I consider this a done item.
  15. So, we can indicate that a cover is non-standard 'card stock', but not non-standard 'pain paper'? You folks crack me up.
  16. The cover is anti-stiff. It has the feel of having used the same paper as the interior pages.
  17. What would be the proper term for the 'cover stock' that was used on this and a handful of other books this and next couple of weeks?
  18. When does 7+91 = 104? When merging recent boxes into the main collection. So, moving around boxes, and I've developed what I call "Longbox Arm"; bruises on my inner forearm about 3 inches above the wrist from moving full longboxes. I'd pay money for padded plastic inner arm guards. Slap a ComicBase logo on them and they would probably sell themselves.
  19. Whether it's for confirming a pile of just entered comics, or confirming a pile of being sold comics, or flipping through the contents of a box (assuming in all three cases that you have things sorted appropriately) how about a mode that will auto-advance through a list? Minimize the list, maximize the cover view, you visually confirm each book to the screen and it moves on as you thumb through. Configurable with how long to pause. Configurable on how to handle list entries with quantities of more than 1; I can see having a single show with a single pause, or having it show multiple times; either way, with a big indicator on the screen showing "x5" or "1/6", "2/6", etc. I originally thought of this being voice controlled, "next", "back", etc., or just sound detection for advance like "The Clapper"
  20. I don't know if I'm late to the party. but I think what the original poster is trying to point out in his graphic is that, while the window is announcing that "An update to version 22.0.1 is available", the section that is describing all the nifty new features appears to be describing the features of "ComicBase 2021 v21.0.1"
  21. Doing a grand merge, noticed odd title alphabetizing, was going to append this to my earlier post, and I see that the odd alphabetizing will be mooted by correcting the titles. I looked at the indicia of all the above titles when I posted this originally.
  22. Should be under Books. This book contains headshots and brief bios of Comic Book Creators.
  23. Is there a way to package the weekly cover scan additions into a weekly zip file? Is there a date that could be checked for last update and the newer zip file(s) could be downloaded and imported? Would this process faster than the current apparently one-by-one download and add?
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