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  1. The new build seems to have worked for me too. Thanks.
  2. Same here. When I use the installer, I get the "Could not set security for file..." error, but after closing it, it confirms that the program loaded anyway. Then when I try to open the program, it gives me the "Required file..." error. I have tried doing both as "run as administrator". Using the prerequisites (running as administrator) throws me the first error almost immediately and brings things to a stop. I use Avast, but have it turned off currently. My computer is a year old, so it should not be a performance issue (not that it looks like one). -dave
  3. I am having trouble with install and start up (version 1172). Both errors refer to the C: drive, despite the fact that I loaded it to the D: drive. (As an experiment, I also tried loading it to the C: drive, but no dice.) I have tried running the installer normally and "as administrator" with no changes. Any help would be awesome... thanks. -dave
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