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  1. Installing the new 1903 build fixed the issue for me as well. Thank you!
  2. Immediately after updating to Comicbase build 1898, my Comicbase program will not longer connect to the Comicbase servers. I turned off the firewalls completely and still no luck. It was working fine until I did the update. Please help.
  3. Peter, 1209 seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!
  4. I found C:\ProgramData as a hidden folder. I tried changing the permissions for the HumanComputing folder but it still didnt work.
  5. Still having the same problem come up even when downloading the prerequisites directly. I don't even show a C:\ProgramData folder when I list them. I tried "Run as Administrator". Nothing seems to work.
  6. Having exactly the same problem. Please let me know when there is a fix.
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