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  1. I.[Title] like '%spider%' and I.[Storylines] = 'When Strikes Octopus!!' Backstory I was changing the value in the Box#(custom field one) for Spectacular Spider-Man, The when i do this i download all covers. In one of the first screen shots I posted issues 286/B caught my eye since there was 8+ records for the same issues #, based on the limited responses I am the only one that has it. I simplest thing to do is just delete them and go on with life, then i saw that the other data elements where different. So i got a wild hair and thought lets search on Storyline limited to title
  2. Think i found it I did a Advance Search where title like '%spider%' and storyline = 'When Strikes Octopus!! ' all the field match except issue# still a open ticket
  3. Tried it and still time same Does any one else out there see the same anomaly? The odd part just the Issues # is the same all the other info is different Versus Blacklash; Mark Jewelers insert ad variant Echoes… Spider-Man
  4. Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 issue 286/B i am seeing 12 DB records for this one issue see screen shot I have seen this other times for other books but did not write them down Sorry
  5. The where clause for this conduction >>> [wanted flag is checked and i have QTY on hand] If I had a lot of books with is conduction how could I mass fix/change them (uncheck) Thanks
  6. Thanks, But that only controls the four(4) reports. I want to turn off the four reports for Books, and Magazines. And keep Comic Books
  7. How can I push this to the Web App? Could this be made one of teh Auto reports? - top100 books owned -Top 100 books not owned
  8. How do you turn off the Auto reports (4) each for "BOOKS" and Mags I only want Comicbooks Thanks
  9. Thanks, I had a custom field set and did not have the "My Comics".
  10. Current System: CB 2021 Archive ED V21.0.0.1218 Where is the Advanced Searches? I want to search all Comic books where QTY > 0 and custom field 1 <> " " (NULL)
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