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  1. I.[Title] like '%spider%' and I.[Storylines] = 'When Strikes Octopus!!' Backstory I was changing the value in the Box#(custom field one) for Spectacular Spider-Man, The when i do this i download all covers. In one of the first screen shots I posted issues 286/B caught my eye since there was 8+ records for the same issues #, based on the limited responses I am the only one that has it. I simplest thing to do is just delete them and go on with life, then i saw that the other data elements where different. So i got a wild hair and thought lets search on Storyline limited to titles with spider in title and see what pops. When i do the Advance search it pulls three(3) records from the DB the two you stated and the third one 286/B. I can't say over the last 10+yrs i have never inserted (added) a comic book, but i can say if i have you could count them on one hand. Again the easiest thing for me is to just delete these false records, and go on with life, but this would not help you and the product out. Thanks
  2. Think i found it I did a Advance Search where title like '%spider%' and storyline = 'When Strikes Octopus!! ' all the field match except issue# still a open ticket
  3. Tried it and still time same Does any one else out there see the same anomaly? The odd part just the Issues # is the same all the other info is different Versus Blacklash; Mark Jewelers insert ad variant Echoes… Spider-Man, Blacklash, Betty Leeds, Robbie Robertson Versus Killer Shrike; Mark Jewelers insert ad variant A Life for a Life! Spider-Man, Killer Shrike, Harry Osborn, Liz Osborn Mark Jewelers insert ad variant Compulsion! Spider-Man, Human Torch II, Blaze, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, Betty Leeds, Ned Leeds, Jean DeWolff Mark Jewelers insert ad variant Father’s Night Out Spider-Man, Mauler, J. Jonah Jameson Versus Doctor Octopus; Mark Jewelers insert ad variant When Strikes Octopus!! Spider-Man, Black Cat, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, Lance Bannon, Doctor Octopus Mark Jewelers insert ad variant Sudden Impact Spider-Man, Spider Woman II, Wrecking Crew, Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, Rachel Carpenter Versus Lizard; Mark Jewelers insert ad variant Among Us Lurks…A Lizard! Spider-Man, Lizard, Owl, Martha Connors, Billy Connors Sorry that was a ugly paste
  4. Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 issue 286/B i am seeing 12 DB records for this one issue see screen shot I have seen this other times for other books but did not write them down Sorry
  5. The where clause for this conduction >>> [wanted flag is checked and i have QTY on hand] If I had a lot of books with is conduction how could I mass fix/change them (uncheck) Thanks
  6. Thanks, But that only controls the four(4) reports. I want to turn off the four reports for Books, and Magazines. And keep Comic Books
  7. How can I push this to the Web App? Could this be made one of teh Auto reports? - top100 books owned -Top 100 books not owned
  8. How do you turn off the Auto reports (4) each for "BOOKS" and Mags I only want Comicbooks Thanks
  9. Thanks, I had a custom field set and did not have the "My Comics".
  10. Current System: CB 2021 Archive ED V21.0.0.1218 Where is the Advanced Searches? I want to search all Comic books where QTY > 0 and custom field 1 <> " " (NULL)
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