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  1. On the original Batman title from 1940, does anyone know what #1-2 is? Based on the price for it, I would imagine that it is a modern reprint. I am guessing it was made as an entry for the facsimile edition but was abandoned?
  2. Frank Miller's Ronin Book II #3 & #4 have issues listed that I am unable to verify anywhere including FrankMillerPresents.com. #3 in CB indicates that there is a 1:25 retail incentive cover as well as a 1:50 signed retail incentive cover but I can't find evidence of these. #3 does have a Frank Miller cover and on the first two issues, his covers were retailer incentives but I'm guessing that the abysmal sales had them change the plan for the remaining books in the series. I suggest that #3-A be the Frank Miller cover with no incentive notation and the #3-B be removed. #4 is closer with the Miller cover (#4-B) not being listed as an incentive. #4-C is supposed to be a signed incentive but again, no indication that it might actually exist as such. I feel like most the the Frank Miller Presents books have had problems in CB. I don't know if they're solicited with UPCs that get changed or what but I think I have run into problems entering Ancient Enemies and Pandora as well. Nothing serious, it all likely stems from the publisher, but I am curious if anyone else has picked up on this. My memory isn't what it used to be.
  3. The copy on eBay has the same cover with the signed page pictured as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/225283294596?chn=ps&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&amdata=enc%3A1ybhrAbMPRYe3VnEwebqWHg42&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=21562-222008-2056-1&mkcid=2&itemid=225283294596&targetid=297512520417&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=2840&poi=9047092&campaignid=19868683663&mkgroupid=145907810526&rlsatarget=pla-297512520417&abcId=&merchantid=8169814&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgNanBhDUARIsAAeIcAt_TRSNvkh5-xz8LdvlBxpEHgt5BjO4S-ER9p00OXflRx_mUhKND8AaAm7TEALw_wcB
  4. On The Trials of Ultraman, #2-B. 3-B, and 4-B all have "TV Photo Variant Cover by Arthur Adams" in the description field. If it's a photo cover, it's not by Arthur Adams. #4-B also has the wrong cover attached. I tried to submit the correct cover but it didn't take.
  5. Happened upon this by complete accident, but under the title "Door to Door, Night by Night" from Vault, in the picture folder there are 28 covers for "Dumbo (Ediciones Recreativas S. A.)." The covers also appear in their own title so these appear to be unneeded duplicates.
  6. Weird... not only did my images not show up, I can't edit the post either.... Any-who...
  7. It may be time to rethink the whole "newsstands aren't actually variants" stance. CGC now recognizes them and the market has been placing greater value on high grade copies of newsstand editions for some time. If I have the option of getting a book of the same grade for the same price in either newsstand or direct market, I'll take newsstand every day of the week. Newsstand editions were rarely treated as collectibles, making them less likely to survive in high grade. Also, as the direct market rose, the number of newsstand editions compared to direct market books dropped making them less common.
  8. Sorry, I was looking for info on another newsstand edition and found this. The problem on Prime #4 isn't that the newsstand has one UPC and direct has another, the direct has no UPC at all. Not on the front cover, not on the back cover....nowhere. Additionally, #4 newsstand is a higher price, $2.50 which appears to be an exception on the other issues of this title. The other newsstand versions all have the same price.
  9. I've been trying to update to the newest version of CB but had absolutely no luck at all. I used the updater, uninstalled the previous version and installed the latest only to find that I still had the old version. I did this a few times with the same result. I then uninstalled CB, went to the website and downloaded the "latest" version from My Registrations and still get On top of that, the 2772 version no longer has the proper icons. It's just a blank page. When I turn down the update, I am unable to update with the latest issue information as the update process simply ends. Has anyone else had this problem?
  10. In the 2008 Dark Horse series, there are three versions of #1 ( 1, 1-A, and 1-B). I not aware of three versions, only the two pictured as #1 and #1-B. Should #1 become #1-A? Is anyone aware of a third version out there?
  11. Sorry for the long delay. I didn't do anything but they did finally appear. I can't recall how long it took, but lets say 3-4 days as a fair guess. I came back to try again and they were there.
  12. Here we go again. I tried saving reports to the web and got nothing. I changed the name of my database and set Sidekick on it to back everything up. Nothing showed up online. I tried saving reports directly but nothing happened there either. Sidekick has the new database saved in it and reports that it has saved to the web. I have the "Save Reports" checked as well but absolutely nothing came up online. The connection is good and I have no trouble getting downloads or browsing. Nothing turns up on the app either.
  13. #1-F is the virgin cover by Dave Johnson
  14. #1-E is the Tyler Boss cover with a logo
  15. #1-D is the Jill Thompson cover with the logo
  16. #1-C is by Dave Johnson and has his sig in the lower right corner in red
  17. #1-B is the foil cover by Oeming, note the word "Blue" in the title isn't actually blue.
  18. Blue Book from Dark Horse is kind of a mess. Based on the UPC, I have #1-B but the pic in CB for #1-B is actually for #1-C which also shares a pic with #1-D. #1-E has a pic that appears to be a virgin variant of the pic for #1-B but the pic for #1-B was wrong to begin with. #1-F should have the pic to #1-E. #1-G has the same pic as #1-F. #1-C has a pic that fits the description of #1-D. Based on the description, #1-C should have the pic for #1-B as it has Dave Johnson's signature in the lower right of the cover. I'm sure none of that makes sense, so let's try this:
  19. I deleted the first one on the drop down, "ComicBase Database" and it took 2022 and 2023 with it. "ComicBase DataBase(1)" still has the ID ending in f9214. Under "My Comics," everything is gone, not a database at all. On the mobile app, all four databases are there but empty. I typed the update above and went back to confirm everything only to find that "ComicBase Database(1)" has nothing in it now. The mobile app shows that it is the sole survivor of my purge. It shows it empty though. It took a few minutes to spread everywhere but it appears to have worked!
  20. Well that made it all more confusing. There is nothing at all for any database in the mobile app and the renamed database isn't there. In My Account>My Comics, there are two other mysterious databases "ComicBase Database" and "ComicBase Database (1)." The second one has no reports under it. The 2022 and 2023 are in the drop down but both change back to the "ComicBase Database" and have the error message "Could not find a part of the path "C:\ReportStore\MedicAR\{3e...f9214}" next to the "Remove Report" button but I can view any of the reports. If I select the "ComicBase Database" directly, it also has the message about the path. At a a glance, it looks like maybe one database has three names associated with it and has a fourth name that is empty. But then again, looking on My Profile page, all four databases are in the drop down but there are only two database ID numbers when I select any of them. Just like on the "My Comics" page, the 2022 and 2023 change over to "ComicBase Database" when I select them. Regardless of whether I select CB DB, 2022, or 2023, the ID number is the same, ending in d12d6. If I select "ComicBase Database (1)" the ID number ends in f9214. The f9214 ID is associated with the other database on the other page. Did I make that complicated enough? I'm thinking the best answer is to go on the website and delete everything and start over, what do you think?
  21. Disregard on the AtomicAvenue thing...I had "Show only in-stock items" checked.
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