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  1. This is a mystery to me as well. But I did notice after a software update that when I started up ComicBase it asked if I wanted to "uncheck" all the lock price fields. I said yes. -Mike
  2. Hello - Even though I have mature comics turned off on my screensaver, I still see some especially questionable book covers being displayed. What if we had a option to only display in the screensaver comic books we own? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello - I noticed this morning I entered in Batman #251/A ($3.99 cover reprint) and the picture in the database is of Batman #232/A. Overall the software is working great, very pleased. Thank you.
  4. I figured it out from another post from about a year go. Please disregard. Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone - I'm still learning the software, making progress. I can't find in the documentation what the difference is between comics listed with black colored font, red colored font, and blue colored font. Any ideas? Thank you.
  6. Hello - I just purchased the 2021 Archive Edition. Quick question - what does "Lock Price" do? I can't seem to find any explanation of what this feature does. On a side note, tool tips in the software would be helpful. Thanks! -Mike
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