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  1. Thanks, but not practical since I am approaching 18,000 issues. I am using that approach on certain titles though.
  2. I backup my database to the cloud and restore to multiple PC's I use, but I only enter books in from one PC. When I restore to my other PC's the new issues do not have covers downloaded. It would be nice if there was a simple way to download the covers to all issues owned in the database. That way when I restore a DB I can automatically download the covers to the new issues.
  3. How about a permanent field for Page Count? Would be really nice for the older books.
  4. I do have the Archive edition. I don't know how this gets me the report that I want though. I can export all title, item, condition and qty in stock fields and Custom Field 1. But that just gives me a spreadsheet with 9000 lines to sort through. I would have to go through and manually remove the 8500 or whatever lines that I do not want for this particular report. Plus, I would have to manually do this every time I added to the collection.
  5. Looking to generate a report that shows issues with multiple qty across multiple grades. For example the report could generate as follows Title A, Issue 1 has qty 3 NM and qty 1 VF and QTY 2 VG. Title B, issue 7 has qty 17 NM, qty 1 CGC 9.8 Above would be ideal format, especially if I could have "custom field 1" included for each entry as that is the current box location of the issue(s). A report that simply states the following would suffice though. Then I could manually go to each title and write down the box locations. Title A, Issue 1, Qty 6 Title B, Issue 7 Qty 18 Hope this isn't too confusing.
  6. It would be nice to use the software to keep track of original comic art and proof pages. I suppose one could create "variations" for the cover and each page. Cover - OACVR. Page 1 = OAPG1, etc... Proofs Cover could be = PCVR and proof pages - PPG. Any other suggestions?
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