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  1. Are these 18 pack mini comics listed anywhere in comicbase? GCD :: Series :: The Pink Panther (comics.org) GCD :: Series :: Daffy Duck (comics.org) GCD :: Series :: Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge (comics.org) Or these dan curtis giveaways? GCD :: Series :: Dan Curtis Giveaways The Twilight Zone (comics.org) GCD :: Issue :: Dan Curtis Giveaways Dark Shadows #1 (comics.org) GCD :: Series :: Dan Curtis Giveaways Turok, Son of Stone (comics.org)
  2. It would be very helpful to be able to memorize reports and have them update automatically with a single click. Perhaps just an "update reports" option under the Internet Menu in the program or add it as an option to sidekick. It is a pain to have to go through and recreate every report after a day of hunting. I entered about 40 books in the other day and that equates to 8 different title checklists I need to update. And if I don't give it the same exact name when I save to web I have duplicate reports to deal with.
  3. PERFECT. I just told it to only show "Owned Items". Did a Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C then did a Ctrl-V into the spreadsheet. Then I just had to delete a few columns and put in a header row. I will definitely file that trick away in the old memory banks. Thank you very kindly!!!
  4. Ours look the same except I exported to text because I need to get it into a spreadsheet so I can sort by my custom field.
  5. I tried that.....problem is the "custom field" is appended to the end of the line, and not at its location in visual or printed report. Here is what the exported report I got looks like: Qty # Cd Cost Value Notes 1 1 $0.00 $20,200.00 1st appearance/origin of Daredevil; 1st appearance of Daredevil; 1st appearance of Battling Jack Murdock; 1st appearance of Foggy Nelson; 1st appearance of Karen Page; Death of Battling Jack Murdock; Origin of Daredevil ??</td> 1 1/ACE $0.00 $26.00 Wizard Ace Edition Acetate Cover by J. Scott Campbell; 1st appearance of Daredevil; Origin of Daredevil SB11</td> 1 10 $0.00 $390.00 1st Appearance of Ani-Men; 1st appearance of Ape-Man I (Gordon Monk Keefer); 1st appearance of Bird-Man I (Henry Hawk); 1st appearance of Cat-Man I (Townshend Horgan); 1st appearance of Frog-Man I (Francois LeBlanc) Mark01</td> 1 12 $0.00 $125.00 2nd Appearance of Ka-Zar SB70</td> 1 12 $0.00 $125.00 2nd Appearance of Ka-Zar Mark01</td> 1 13 $0.00 $185.00 1st appearance of Anti-metal; Origin of Ka-Zar SB70</td> 1 13 $0.00 $185.00 1st appearance of Anti-metal; Origin of Ka-Zar Mark01</td> 1 14 $0.00 $114.00 Mark01</td> 1 17 $0.00 $195.00 LB14</td> 1 18 $0.00 $110.00 1st Appearance of Gladiator I (Melvin Potter); Origin of Gladiator I (Melvin Potter) Mark01</td> 1 19 $0.00 $83.00 SB72</td> 1 21 $0.00 $74.00 Versus Owl Mark01</td> 1 23 $0.00 $69.00 Mark01</td> 1 25 $0.00 $84.00 1st Appearance of Leap-Frog (Vincent Patilio); Origin of Leap-Frog (Vincent Patilio); Versus Leap-Frog
  6. I want to generate a report for a specific title that only displays Issue #, Qty & Custom Field 1. In my case Custom Field 1 is Location. I want to be able to sort by Custom Field 1 (Location). Something so simple, yet seemingly impossible. I hope I am just overlooking an export feature that will give me what I want.
  7. I thought they were cool 20 years ago too. I literally have a short box full. Then I realized they manufacture their own exclusivity and hype. Very VERY few if any of their books have ever held value let alone increased. And if they did increase it was the book itself and not DF Certificate that had anything to do with it. I found 3 of their signed books that were limited to 75 copies in the $3 boxes at my LCS just 2 weeks ago. PLUS, they started marketing CGC Books. I found out the hard way they were not CGC Exclusive or DF Variants, but just regular old A covers of a book. So basically $80 to get a 9.6 of a book on pre-order. In most cases the books aren't worth $80 in 9.8. Rant over. If you see them for $5 or less go ahead and nab them. Just remember some poor schmuck paid a minimum of $20 for it at some point. I don't remember seeing any DF release under $20.
  8. When I am in album view and search for anything other than "title", i get no viewable results. The attached images were searches for the 1st appearance of Dracula and were initiated while viewing the Super Magician title. One search performed while in album view and the other from grid view. Is this issue isolated to me or is it everyone?
  9. This issue still has an incorrect note of "Jiggs and Maggie" which should be purged now that the Cover has been straightened out.
  10. Dynamic Forces is EVIL. Enough Said. LOL.
  11. Also, Issues 34, 44, are incorrect. Attached are low res, but correct images I swiped from GCD.
  12. Here is a correct issue 25 for Super Magician Comics. It appears every time I try and update the image CB downloads the old one and replaces the one I added. I disabled automatically download images feature and that allowed me to replace and submit, but as soon as I turn it back on it downloads the old image again. Perhaps something you should account for in future updates. How to leave the "automatically download images" enabled while also allowing for a local replacement.
  13. Mine seems to be fine today. Chalk another one up to the ghost.
  14. Any reason why my backup is missing from web? I never get an error when I tell sidekick to upload. ALSO, when I browse a title in the app it is not showing correct inventory even though the opening screen shows correct inventory totals.
  15. Thank You . Glad to see it is finally in the DB! Awesome!
  16. Here is scan of Conan The Barbarian issue 93 Variation A, The Whitman Variant? Best I can tell there is a Whitman Variant, or Version A for every issue from 71 to 95. I added this some time ago to my DB and it still shows as unrecognized. Maybe you should just update conan to include the Whitman Variant for all issues from 71 to 95.
  17. It would be nice to be able to memorize a reports for a quick update and print. For example, if I want a report that shows all my missing issues for Coanan Titles, I have to scroll through selecting the titles I want each and every time I want to print that report. I personally would have at least 3 different report scenarios saved. Conan, Sgt Rock and Unknown Soldier. There are probably more reports I would memorize, those just happen to be titles I am working on now.
  18. The database has this issue listed a Jiggs and Maggie. The issue pictured is from Four Color Comics 1st Series. Attached is the correct photo. Note should be Little Orphan Annie's Junior Commandos. Linked is the GCD for the issue GCD :: Issue :: Four Color #18 - Little Orphan Annie's Junior Commandos (comics.org)
  19. I have been trying to get this comic added for some time now. I understand I may not be adding it correctly as it continuously shows up as unrecognized title. However, noone elase has added it to the DB properly for me to delete my title. It is Mickey Mouse Album published by Dell. Here is a link to the information GCD has on the book and attacked is a scan of my copy. GCD :: Issue :: Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Album #01-518-210 (comics.org)
  20. I got 1384 and that fixed it. 1386 and 1388 didn't break it again. Good to go for now. I'm glad Pete got Best Buy to fix things for you guys.
  21. CB 2022 running on 4 PC's. Only one PC has this issue. When I try to download covers I get the "no new or larger covers available" message. Problem is I get this for everything I try, even those that download just fine from the other PC's.
  22. Thanks. I will take note of that, but currently only have 2 books in my database. My only concern is with page count for comics.
  23. Thanks, but not practical since I am approaching 18,000 issues. I am using that approach on certain titles though.
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