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  1. I do have the latest software. I tried resetting scanner and then re-running the quick setup. I also tried different options per a thread I found concerning codabar, but no luck. I am using the comicbase database only, I notice if I type in the printed barcode then the lookup works, but the scanner is skipping the 1st and last digits so I assume it's got to be the scanner programming somehow. I check it against notepad to see what it's actually scanning. Thanks.
  2. I started printing the barcode on the ID labels and when I try scanning it drops the 1st and last character. They are both letters which may have something to do with it. Anyway, I have DX Laser Barcode Scanner and have used the Quick Setup guide in the Comicbase support site but doesn't fix it. It scans the actual comics just fine, it's just the barcode that comes from printing our labels. I have tried programming it with Mk2 DX Laser Scanner quick setup to see if it made a difference but no luck. Any thoughts? Is there extra programming that I am supposed to add to the quick start guide version?
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