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  1. Thanks much---so it turns out I was not on the very latest version of Comicbase 2021. I noticed the release number on the website currently was different than the one I had just recently downloaded. So I downloaded the most current version today and now Sidekick is working perfectly fine again!
  2. Just tried to do the update from Sidekick and still get the same error message. Haven't tried saving to cloud yet.
  3. Same thing is happening to me. I checked the website here and saw there was now the 2021 version so I updated to that but still get the same message when trying to download the update from Sidekick. I updated through the Comicbase 2021 itself. Then I wanted to do a save to the cloud from Sidekick and it just kept grinding and grinding for soooo long that I just canceled it. Sidekick 2021 doesn't seem to be working.
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