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  1. Hi Steven, maybe you can help explain a variance I am seeing. If I go to Report > Collection Report > Titles I own > Summary > Preview, I obtain a Report that lists each unique comic I own, along with the "Total Comics" and "Total Value" on the last page. If I go to what you describe above; Items > Find > "My Comics" > "List only items in stock", I get a completely different value that in my case is lower by nearly 300 comics and the value much lower when I move the 2 pages to an Excel Spreadsheet and look at the total number of line items and the sum of the individual values. Any idea why the discrepancy? Thanks!
  2. Several collectors have comics that are graded and signed by artists (and others) and for CGC, these have the Gold Labels. Hard to evaluate, but appears that CGC Signature Series of the same comic issue and grade are fetching 25% to 50% more and would be nice if there was a way to ID them in ComicBase and have their price reflect fair market values. Thoughts?
  3. We all love to see the value (price in ComicBase) of our comics increase, but the question is how accurate is the price and does it reflect sales occurring on eBay, ComicLink, Pedigree Comics, Heritage Auctions, etc. and utilize sources such as GoCollect and other possible aggregators. I often check the value in ComicBase for my CGC Graded Comics against the aforementioned sites and often see big swings. Pete, would ask if you could work with more sources to have your pricing algorithm provide a higher degree of accuracy based upon recent sales. Thoughts?
  4. I know I can find duplicates now by going to: Items > Find > "Qty In Stock" > "is greater than" > "1" and it will identify the multiple copies (2+) of comics of the same issue and the same grade. There in lies the problem as for example I have an Amazing Spider-Man #194 in CGC 9.6, CG 9.0 and an ungraded copy and to me, I have two duplicates of issue #194 that I may wish to sell and just keep the highest graded copy. It would be very handy to identify duplicates of the same comic issue, regardless of the grade. This would be extremely useful for collectors in MHO. Thanks for considering!
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