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  1. For example, I want to find (Ctrl-F) to find and Appearance of a particular character, like Spider-Man. There is a checkbox to search for "List only items in stock" to search for Spider-man, but that looks at ALL of my books. It would be helpful to have another checkbox, or another way (besides using Advance Find) to look at only the title that I am viewing. Let's say I am in the title of (The) Avengers (1963-1996,2004) and I want to search for Spider-man appearance ONLY in that title. Hope that helps. Comicbase suggestion FIND in current title.docx
  2. Hopefully there's a better formula than I have. I have a saved search to find any comic with the Condition being a CGC. However, I can only do one for each CGC level, like 9 to 8 and 7 to 5, etc. I would like a formula that would find all of the comics that I have in stock that are either CGC or CBCS regardless of grade (9.8 - 7.5 for example). Here is the current formula that I have in the Advanced Formula to find only the CGC 9.8 to 9.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Items where: (I.[Condition] = "CGC 9.0" OR I.[Condition] = "CGC 9.2" OR I.[Condition] = "CGC 9.4" OR I.[Condition] = "CGC 9.6" OR I.[Condition] = "CGC 9.8" ) and I.[QtyInStock] > 0 Order by: I.[Title] --
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