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Variant Updates

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Before I start, how about a big round of applause for everyone involved in re-designating the variants in CB?  Holy cow, I can't imagine what a monumental task that must have been or how long it took.  Strong work!

I found it all done because I had some variants in All-Star Batman (the hyphen is important) that were no longer recognized.  I got my books worked out but noticed some anomalies in others. 

All-Star Batman #1-V-29 is listed as a Midtown Comics Exclusive cover by Tyler Kirkham but has the #1-S Ben Oliver variant pictured.  Additionally, the actual Midtown Kirkham variant is already listed as #1-L. 

All-Star Batman #1-G is listed as CGC Graded and includes a certificate of authenticity but there is no picture associated with it.  I'm not sure why a CGC graded book would also have a COA so I'm wondering if the intent behind this book is that it was a "thank you" book sent to retailers.  I have found one with "DC Certified" noted on a special label with a Batman illustration on it.  I would wager that this is the book intended for this variation and have submitted the info and pic. 

Were All-Star Batman #1-E and #1-F produced?  I can't find evidence that they actually exist.  Dynamic Forces' website has a place holder cover of a book that doesn't appear to have been produced.  There are no copies on eBay and no pictures of the signed book or the place holder anywhere other than the DF site. 

Amazing Spider-Man has what is probably a minor hiccup as well.  #583-A has Barrack Obama on the cover and there were 5 printings before it was all over.  What were numbers 583-A-3, 583-A-4 and 583-A-5 are all now 583-3 and up.  #582-A-2 was left in place.  For my money, the proper designation includes the "A" in the numbering since that was the cover reprinted. 

Back to the Future (IDW) #1-E appears to have the wrong picture, the correct pic is below.  The picture listed now belongs to #1-V28.  Also, it's the Z-Box variant with nothing to do with Carol & John's Store.  #1-V28 is Carol & John's Store with it clearly labeled on the cover. 

Back to the Future #1-F is not a Wizard World exclusive cover.  It was for the VA Comicon only.  #1-F and #1-V39 both appear to be VA Comicon exclusives as they both have the VA Comicon logo on the cover.  #1-V31 and #1-V37 are technically the same book since it is a shared variant. 

Secret Wars #1-G has the note "Alex Ross blank variant cover."  Not sure if Mr. Ross is taking credit for blanks now but if he is, it seems wrong to me.  💩




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