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Caliber published what amounts to three "series" called Calibrations. The first was a single-issue preview of 1990 releases. The second was a single-issue preview of 1992 releases. The third was a 1996 five-issue series of science fiction comics.

In ComicBase, the data for the first series is inaccurate. It wrongly contains the five issues that belong to the 1996 third series. It does not contain the 1990 preview that I have. The second and third series appear to be accurately represented in ComicBase. But for the first series, there should only be that one issue. Technically it is not numbered, and there is no indicia, but an interior text piece refers to it as "the first issue of Calibrations."

I considered deleting issues #2-5 from the first series and changing the data for #1, then submitting the corrected data. But I thought maybe an explanation was warranted. If it would be better for database admins to make this change, I could submit a cover image later on.

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