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Double Take #2 Variants (Funk-O-Tron)

Brian Price

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Based on the info I could find; Double Take #2 was published in 3 variants of equal quantity.  They are flip books with The Terrifying Tales of Tommi Trek on one side and Tales of the Realm on the other.  Currently, only issue 2 is entered in ComicBase / Atomic Avenue.  I added 2/A, 2/B, and 2/C with images of all 6 covers.  The picture currently in ComicBase / Atomic Avenue is the Tommi Trek cover for 2/B.  The current issue 2 should be deleted.

The covers are as follows:

  • 2/A - John Byrne Tommi Trek  and Matt Tyree Tales of the Realm
  • 2/B - Phil Hester Tommi Trek  and Mike Wieringo Tales of the Realm
  • 2/C - Dan Jurgens Tommi Trek  and Randy Green Tales of the Realm

Best regards,

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