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I would like the facility so that as with submitting a correction I could submit a comment about an issue.

The editors could then look at the comment and act or not as the case may be.

For example when a comic issue has a "my comics store" watermark.

Or where I have a none water marked cover that is smaller than the water marked cover (prelimary/my comic shop etc), the watermarked cover needs removing.

The idea being that these covers can be removed in the next update, so the better cover can be submited.

Also I come across issues which either don't exist or where never published - I would comment on these issues such that the editors could remove them.

Comments on the value of issues could also be done this way

Also other comments could be made i.e. poor quality cover -which then could be flagged/highlighted (may be by highlighing the issue in a different colour) in updates for users so if they come across a better cover they can submit it.

Doing these corrections via the forum takes too long.

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