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Error Message when trying to print/preview Collection Report

Manuel J. Galceran

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Hello. I have recently had to reinstall CB twice within the past 2 weeks. When I tried just a few minutes ago to once again both preview and print the collection report for

the titles that I own, what follows below continues to appear. First, where can I find the option to Add and Remove Programs and 2) Do I really need to reinstall CB for a

THIRD time? 

Please let me know. Thanks!



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'Add Remove Programs' refers to Windows Apps. You can get to it by:


Click Windows Start button (normally located at bottom left on the task bar).

Select Settings, then click on Apps.


2) in the search box located on the Windows Task bar (if you have it displayed) type 'Add or Remove Programs.

NOTE: Make sure CB is not running.

Once you are displaying the Apps and Features window,

Uninstall any (32-bit) SAP Crystal Reports* program (there may only be one).

Uninstall ComicBase yyyy **** Edition (where yyyy is the year of the program (i.e. 2022) and *** is the edition (Archive, Pro, Express).

Uninstall ComicBase yyyy Resources.

Finally Install CB (download the most current version v22.0.1.1613 if you don't currently have it).


This should fix the problem.

NOTE: Pete talked about this process in the CB LiveStream #84 around the 3:35 mark (found here:



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