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Uncorecct UPC behavior

Antonio Citati

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As already said in an earlier post, I would like to remind you that UPC codes starting with 977 ARE NOT a "bookland" barcode. 

Bookland barcodes are the ones starting with 978 and 979.

Codes starting with 977 are of the ISSN (serial publicationms) flavour and are widely used by European publishers (with Panini -publisher of Marvel, DC and Disney- and Bonelli the foremost ones in Italy).

Please correct this error asap, so that we can insert ISSN barcodes without issues.


Thank you



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Your software is interpreting 977 codes as bookland, thus the information about issue number is instead considered as indicating pricing information. Example giving: code 9771124223903 80290 would cause the price info being changed to 2.90, while this is the issue 290 of the comic book Fantastici Quattro, published in 2008.  


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