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ComicBase Mobile problems

Randall J. Paske

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My ComicBase Mobile app seems to be tied to a blank database and won't let go of it.

Earlier, I could switch to my actual database in the drop-down, but it didn't seem to actually switch. Or if it did switch, it still wasn't showing me which issues I own when I went to a given title.

I only have one database (the correct one) listed under Backups on the ComicBase website.

My profile on the website showed two databases earlier, but it wouldn't let me select the erroneous one for deletion. So then I deleted the good one and they both disappeared. Then I sent a new backup to the cloud. Now it only shows that one.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Mobile app. It appears to see the new backup I just saved (and only that one), but It still isn't finding my comics when I search.  The name, date. valuations, and numbers of items on the splash page are correct, but when I search titles, it's not showing me which issues I own.

I went to a small convention this afternoon, and this made hunting a bit difficult. Is there a "phantom" blank database screwing up my account somewhere, or is this a glitch in the Mobile app? What can I do to fix it?

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