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Still same issues with latest release

Antonio Citati

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I did download and install the last release and I see that the barcodes starting with 977 are still treated as a bookland codes (bookland are 978 starting codes) and the issue number is thus erroneously input as the price of the issue.

Still cannot see any indication of covers being correctly uploaded.

Also it would be nice to have a way that when adding a new issue to a title the view would be positioned with the latest input in the center and not on the first item in the title. 


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Hi Antonio,

The information we have is that 977-starting barcodes encode the ISSN number, and that--like Bookland--the supplemental typically encodes the cover price. If you're seeing that the supplemental is more frequently encoding issue/variation/printing, it'd be useful to know a few particular codes/titles so we can better determine how to handle these. 



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Dear Pete if this is the case I think there could be some issues between European and American publishers.

Most European serialized comics use a 977 ISSN  code where the supplemental encodes the year and issue number, and not the price.

Here you can find a link to the ISSN website stating: The GTIN 13 barcode can be completed by a 2 or 5-digit add-on that usually indicates the issue number.

I would say ISSN should know best... 

However they say USUALLY, thus it is possible that some publishers use it differently, which of course could be a bit of a problem software-wise. 

You may contact me at my registered email address directly for any further information exchange. I have tons of european comics, most still waiting to be input and scanned.



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