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Clean up for 10/04/2023 content update

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This week's update added the book title The History of Science Fiction and It’s Toy Figurines.  Are you sure that there is an apostrophe in the title?  I don't see an apostrophe in the cover scan, and "it's" w/ the apostrophe means "it is" and "its" w/out the apostrophe is the possessive form of "it."  </grammarnazi>  


The Marvel Art of Alex Maleev was added as a Comic title.  Does this book reprint comic stories, or is it more of an art book?  If the latter, then this should be moved to the Book category.  


The 90s! For Babies!: A Totally Rad Counting Book was also added as a Comic title.  Looking at the full set of preview images available on Amazon, this doesn't look like a comic to me and I suggest that it be moved to the Book category.  

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