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The Bold and The Brave presents

Robert Higgins

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Yes I am new to the forum so go on get your jollies. I have the CBD and have successfully put in 20 of my near 800 comics. Then I get to my Bold and the Brave Presents Batman set. Date range from 1967 to 1971, #74 up through #97. Excited I get all the pictures done and in their folder renamed. Ready to go. Now just to find them in the CBD start grading adding a little info. WHAT,,WAIT find them in the CBD what the heck? I have looked until my eyes have popped out, I look like the dude in Mask at the Club Cabana. All I need is a hammer for me or the computer. If someone could tell me where these thing are under what heading ( Title ) they are hiding I would really appreciate it.

Thank You in advance


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22 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

One more thing. CB puts Articles (The, A, El, etc.) at the end not the beginning.

For example, if you type 'The Brave and the Bold in the search, it won't find it. You would need 'Brave and the Bold, The' to find it.

Okay see that would have been helpful before I interred 18 new ones in a new heading  "The Brave and the Bold Presents" Ho well it was fun 🙂

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It is possible to move issues from one title to another using Edit->Transfer Items to a Different Series...

They may show up as duplicate entries in the series they are moved to, however. Make sure to make a backup before experimenting (or you can create a new 'sandbox' database to do experimenting in).

If you are having problems finding Titles (especially mainstream (DC, Marvel, Image, Charlton, etc.), you can ask here and someone should be able to help.



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