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Columns Definitions

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New User.
I've looked for any examples in the database, Help and these forums and can't find any definition/examples for these columns...

  • Alt UPC
  • 'Checked Box'
  • Circulation
  • Diamond Code
  • Diamond Stock #
  • ISBN
  • Item Title
  • Last Printed Price
  • Lock Price
  • Lunar Alt Code
  • Lunar Code
  • Promo Code
  • Reserve Qty
  • Type
  • UPC

I know I could just ignore them, but I'd like to know what this program is fully capable of.  Thanks

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My database is busy right now rebuilding my picture informaton, so this is from memory.

The is the Barcode value. If you use a scanner to read the barcode, it will put the numberic value of the barcode (in the UPC box). Most comics and books since around Late 70's early 80's (going from memory so may be a little of in staring date) have barcodes

Some books have to UPC values. One on the (ususally) back cover and one on the inside (usually) front cover.

'Checked Box'
Actual Column name is 'Marked'. This is a check box that can be useful. For example, If you use Add By Barcode, there is an option to 'Mark' the issues being added.
This helps when a mix of Types (Books, Comic Books, Magazines and/or Newspapers) are added. If you use another option to Display Issues After Adding, only the ones in the Type last (I think) entered are displayes. With them being Marked, you can use a Find where Marked is Checked tgo find them in other types.
Also, in Reports, many have an option to display Marked Items.

This is actually an ISBN-10 number (as opposed to the, now, more common ISBN-13 number. This is more common with Books (not sure the floppy comics have an ISBN).
When you display the Issue Edit window and enter the UPC, when you leave that field, CB will automatically enter the ISBN (10) number.

Item Title
This is used in special situations where the Title on the cover isn't the actual title of the series. For example, if you look at 'Four Color Comics (either the 1st or 2nd Series), some covers do not show Four Color anywhere (and some do in small type) while the main character is prominently displayed (i.e. Issue #1 is 'Dick Tracy').
This helps finding these strange series.

Type is one of the parts that make up Item # (Issue Number). The parts are Type, Number, Variation, and Printing.

When CB first started, there was pretty much just the one issue. Then they got to be 'special' covers, then Variations. At one point CB used to set special codes for the different type covers but as they multiplied, this became harder to quantify. For the most part, I think the most common Types are Anl (for Annuals) and Bk (Book). Similar situation for Variants. There are so many CB has started using Variants A, B, C... X, Y, Z, V27, V28, etc).

(once I get access to my database (tomorrow) I can give better examples.)

Reserve Qty
If you are selling comics, this lets the database know how many copies to keep. For example, if you have 10 copies of an issues and you set Reserve Qty to 1, after 9 issues are sold, no more will be available to be sold (keeping 1 issue for you).

Lock Price
If you don't want CB to change Price for you, checking this will Lock the price you set so it won't be changed. Again, normally used when selling comics.

Last Printed Price
Not really sure of this one other than what it says. The Last Price when information was Printed (not sure if that is for Labels and/or some other printing process).

If you find information on the actual circulation of an issue (How may were created (I think) you can enter it.

Promo Code
Not sure of this one. It may be used when you bought a comic or (more likely?) when you sell.

Diamond Code
Diamond Stock #
Lunar Alt Code
Lunar Code

These are the Codes assigned to issues by the Distributors (Diamond and Lunar).

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After I mark a book how can I make it reappear after closing and reopening my database? Marked items always disappear when I close database. Is there anyway to just mark my most valuable books quickly? I just want identification labels for my top 25 books. Ron

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