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Have new laptop and can not load my database

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I am unable to get the new install on a new laptop to find or load my database. I had to uninstall OneDrive (which I hate anyway) because it was, well I don't know unpacking it to its government sharing program? Sorry off topic. Said something about bandwidth and and loading onto onedrive. I uninstall ComicBase and removed onedrive then reinstalled ComicBase, still can't get my database onto the new laptop install. 

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Since you have a new laptop, I am assuming you have an old computer (desk or laptop).
Is your database on the old computer?

Installing CB on a new computer won't automatically copy your database to the new computer.
By default, your database is on your C Drive in \Users\<loginid>\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases.
If you can network the two computers together, you can transfer the database from the old computer to the new computer.
If you have a large enough USB drive, you can copy to it from your old computer then use it to copy it to your new computer.
It is possible to have your database and a NAS device. If you have that you need to point CB to that location.

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Thank you! I will try the data base on to a USB drive first and go from there.

So the database that is backed up in my ComicBase.com will not transfer to a new install on a new computer? It would be wise to external drive save my C Drive more often then the every six month backup I do. As I am inputting (at times weekly) a couple times a month. I am one of the "I have a problem collection" 

Thanks again! I will be in touch if I run into an obstacle I can't figure out. 

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