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Additional Grades

Jeff Chahal

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I have the Archive Edition, I've tried adjusting the window size up and down with no joy. It's also only the Grading window that's doing this, other options in the setup menu allow access to the buttons.

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You should probably start a different thread for a different problem.

I can' help you much on the date since that is internal to the program.  The only thing I will suggest is you enter dates in the ISO format of YYY-MM-DD as the is what the database internally. It just displays it as MM/DD/YYYY for display purposes. It may be possible you are entering DD/MM/YYY at a guess.

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17 hours ago, Jeff Chahal said:

I can't access any options to add anything, screenshot below of what I get when I access Setup>Grades


I had a similar problem. I could not scroll up all the way on the screen to access the changes.  I found that I needed to change the view size for windows itself at my desktop.  Once I reduced, the screen size, the page was correct.

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3 minutes ago, Jeff Chahal said:

Thanks, what size did you change to?

This is only related to the Grading option though, all the other windows under the setup option come up fine.



1920x1080 as suggested by windows 10 AND changed the "size of text..." to 125%.  I originally had it set to 150% as I have had problems with my eyesigntlately.  Once i reset these to 125%, everything was fine.  Hope it works for you.

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