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None of my barcodes are locating a comic

James Buck

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Sometime after the updates this weekend I am unable to locate any comics with the barcode on the label.  It stopped working.  I do have backups, and tried opening a couple of them but no change at all.  I tried the database tools such as rebuild lists but no change either.

Any suggestions?

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Actually, I'd like to resurrect this thread as I started having this problem yesterday, though it may be user error. I had not had any problems with locating copies using the main screen Find options until yesterday.

It began after I used the "Add by Barcode" option to add about 10 non-consecutive issues from different lines all at once. After saving those issues, the main screen Find function always returns "No matching items were found" for either barcodes or titles (I entered "Batman" and got that message...). I've also tried other Find options, but get inconsistent results. Searching by Artist for Amanda Connor returns a single issue and that one is not one I have entered with Amanda Connor as the Artist.


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