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  1. TYVM for the above. As I am one of "those" people who only recently understood the difference between MMPB and TPB... and have a sneaking suspicion I may be the one behind The Avenger paperbacks... would it be impolite to ask if it's possible to pull together in one place the actual criteria for the most often mis-used options in some of the primary categories; primarily Type and Variation? Alternately, if these already exist, then would someone please point me at posts or articles that will help keep me from making more work for CB instead of being helpful? Mostly I collect comics, books, ebooks (a whole different headache) because I read them, not because they are investments. I don't know all the industry terminology off the top of my head. I am learning tho.
  2. I've noticed variations of this topic in different areas. I'm one of those that has been separating the newsstand editions (I've been using "NSE", oh well), primarily because I have a version of my database that has scans of my covers and I want them to match exactly. That said, I did some hunting around and found some things that might be interesting. Apologies if I'm repeating content from another post. As usual on the Internet, opinions (and "facts") sometimes clash. I am not in any way associated with any of entities below nor endorse them, but they seemed to at least be current. YMMV Newsstand editions www.milehighcomics.com/newsletter/031513.html "Whitman" editions confused me even more (and still do)... https://blog.gocollect.com/marvel-whitman-variants-the-next-collectible-craze/
  3. Putting in my X-Men (2nd Series) comics and noticed that separate Deluxe/DLX variations are only given for issues #38-41, but the cover scans for most issues after that (not #45 nor #50) through #52 show "Deluxe" on the cover scans, but are not listed as a separate DLX variation. So, before I start adding in a bunch of new "DLX" variations and sending them in, are they actually considered different variations? Thanks!
  4. Yes and Yes. That would make sense to me 🙂 I didn't want to report it as a bug if I was just missing something.
  5. Sorry, left out the important bit up front... I'm looking at the Paper Whiteness criteria.
  6. Not sure if this is a tech support question or not. It may just be a grading question in general. In using the grade comic feature, I noticed that the grades go down and then back up. The grade drops progressively from White, like new (MT/10.0) through Cream/tan (G/VG/3.0). That makes sense to me, but then Tan goes back to VF/8.0 and the grades start dropping off again to Brown (FN/6.0.). This holds true even if Paper Whiteness is the only criteria I select. That doesn't make sense to me, but I'm a far cry from a professional grader 🙂 Apologies if this is the wrong topic, it was the closest I found.
  7. No joy installing it to the default directory (Program Files (x86)). I had my fingers crossed and everything too. There are 2 directories under C:\Program Files (x86)\Human Computing\: ComicBase 2021 4K Archive Edition ComicBase 2021 Resources but the ComicBase 2021 Resources directory is empty. No files at all, hidden or otherwise. Is that correct?
  8. Should have asked before... Better to run the install FROM the original CB program folder? Or from a completely different directory? Better to install TO a completely new location? Or back into the same directory where I had CB installed before? Suggestions? TIA
  9. Worth a shot. I'll see what happens. Appreciate it.
  10. Thanks Steve - Oh let's hold out hope!! Not enough of it going around 🙂 I saw it on the download and didn't make the jump it would need a separate uninstall. Does it matter in what order you uninstall them then?
  11. Hey Mark - thanks for reaching out. Literally, I was updating inventory in CB2020 that night. When I started CB up in the morning, it showed the update as available. I let CB download and install. The install then downloaded a boatload of resource files and when I started CB2021, I was no longer able to do the same drag-and-drop I've been doing for weeks. I hadn't even turned my PC off. No changes in HW or SW that I'm aware of. Since going through the steps mentioned above, I've also uninstalled CB2021 and reinstalled CB2020. Same problem. I reinstalled CB2021 over that and still have the same problem. Went back through the reboot/shutdown operations, no change. I've tried old images from different drives and new scans, same result. What I did notice is that uninstalling CB2021 does not remove all the new files. It looked to have pulled nearly all the files from the program directory, but the new screensaver was still operational afterward. I don't think the screensaver is the problem 😉 I''m just noting that some files changed that the uninstall didn't uninstall. I'm wondering if any files were added or overwritten in the Windows System or System32 directories that might have changed the behavior, but I have no clue what controls the drag-and-drop behavior. Outside of CB, the other apps that I've tried to drag-and-drop with have all worked as expected. I did receive an email from support that they didn't have any trouble either. Peter offered a remote session, but my bandwidth generally doesn't handle those well. I've still got some things to try I think. I'll uninstall again and reinstall CB2020, then overwrite those files from a backup and see what happens. I'm open to any other suggestions. Knowing and loving Windows as I do, the problem may disappear after a random number of reboots... especially if no one else is reporting a similar problem. Thanks again!
  12. Yessir. I've tried making new scans and using older scans that worked with the previous version; all JPGs. I can add/overwrite existing files if I manually copy them directly into the folders below the Pictures directory (e.g. \Pictures\V\Valiant\Eternal Warrior). And I will email support. Appreciate your help.
  13. More info if it helps... I know it worked prior (last night) to the upgrade (this morning). Things that I've tried... Ensuring that CB is being run with administrator privileges In-place Repair using the CB2021 setup Opening a different database Starting a new database Opening my normal database (after going through all the above) And I'm not able to drag and drop into any of the databases. System Info OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 [Windows 10.0.18362 Build 18362] CPU: Ryzen 5 RAM: 32GB physical Thanks for the help.
  14. I should add that I have the same problem if there is not an existing cover image (blank on the grid), even if it is a new issue that I have created/added.
  15. I usually drop it over the small cover in the grid. I have the problem no matter where I drag it on the grid (or anywhere in the Comicbase program window for that matter).
  16. Pardon if I missed this somewhere... I just downloaded and updated to v21.0.0.1218 and can no longer drag and drop covers from Windows into Comicbase. I've tried restarting Comicbase, rebooting my computer, and a hard shutdown of the computer. I don't get an error message, just a circle with a line through it symbol on the Comicbase cover image when I try to drag my image over the existing one. Thanks in advance!
  17. Is there a way to change the font type and/or size? The size in the overall grid view is a little small for old eyes. I didn't find an option within Comicbase and couldn't find a post on the forums. Thanks in advance!
  18. Ok, double-checking on user input is required... I'm still having the barcode problem, but spelling Amanda Conner's name correctly seems to have solved that problem! Completely my fault there, sorry.
  19. Actually, I'd like to resurrect this thread as I started having this problem yesterday, though it may be user error. I had not had any problems with locating copies using the main screen Find options until yesterday. It began after I used the "Add by Barcode" option to add about 10 non-consecutive issues from different lines all at once. After saving those issues, the main screen Find function always returns "No matching items were found" for either barcodes or titles (I entered "Batman" and got that message...). I've also tried other Find options, but get inconsistent results. Searching by Artist for Amanda Connor returns a single issue and that one is not one I have entered with Amanda Connor as the Artist. Thanks!
  20. Is there a way to have signatures on a comic cover validated? I recently picked up a set of Harley Quinn issues. One of them appears to have been signed by the writer as well as the artist. I've seen autographed issues inside ComicBase, but I don't know the verification process used (if there was one). Thanks!
  21. Okay, so... apologies again. The classic windows solution (reboot) seems to have fixed it. Thanks for your help!
  22. Sorry, it wasn't not an error message. The mouse cursor changes when try to drag the image file from File Explorer over to the ComicBase.
  23. I still use it if I just want to see different pictures. However, it will throw errors occasionally on the screen that shows multiple images if it can't find or use a picture. Once it does, it will stay on the screen until I clear the error message, which is why I don't actually use it as a screen saver. I don't know if that's a Win10 issue, a screensaver issue, or a picture issue. AFAIK it doesn't have the filtering features you were asking about, but it will display images from any folder.
  24. Apologies if this is the wrong thread, but the drag and drop cover feature doesn't seem to be working for me. I've scanned the cover (Monstress Volume 3) @ 496x744 - 393K named BK 3.jpg. When I try to drag and drop onto the grid (or the line item cover or the large picture area at the top of the screen), I get the "do not enter" slash circle symbol.
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