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  1. Is there a way to change the font type and/or size? The size in the overall grid view is a little small for old eyes. I didn't find an option within Comicbase and couldn't find a post on the forums. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ok, double-checking on user input is required... I'm still having the barcode problem, but spelling Amanda Conner's name correctly seems to have solved that problem! Completely my fault there, sorry.
  3. Actually, I'd like to resurrect this thread as I started having this problem yesterday, though it may be user error. I had not had any problems with locating copies using the main screen Find options until yesterday. It began after I used the "Add by Barcode" option to add about 10 non-consecutive issues from different lines all at once. After saving those issues, the main screen Find function always returns "No matching items were found" for either barcodes or titles (I entered "Batman" and got that message...). I've also tried other Find options, but get inconsistent results. Searching by Artist for Amanda Connor returns a single issue and that one is not one I have entered with Amanda Connor as the Artist. Thanks!
  4. Is there a way to have signatures on a comic cover validated? I recently picked up a set of Harley Quinn issues. One of them appears to have been signed by the writer as well as the artist. I've seen autographed issues inside ComicBase, but I don't know the verification process used (if there was one). Thanks!
  5. Okay, so... apologies again. The classic windows solution (reboot) seems to have fixed it. Thanks for your help!
  6. Sorry, it wasn't not an error message. The mouse cursor changes when try to drag the image file from File Explorer over to the ComicBase.
  7. I still use it if I just want to see different pictures. However, it will throw errors occasionally on the screen that shows multiple images if it can't find or use a picture. Once it does, it will stay on the screen until I clear the error message, which is why I don't actually use it as a screen saver. I don't know if that's a Win10 issue, a screensaver issue, or a picture issue. AFAIK it doesn't have the filtering features you were asking about, but it will display images from any folder.
  8. Apologies if this is the wrong thread, but the drag and drop cover feature doesn't seem to be working for me. I've scanned the cover (Monstress Volume 3) @ 496x744 - 393K named BK 3.jpg. When I try to drag and drop onto the grid (or the line item cover or the large picture area at the top of the screen), I get the "do not enter" slash circle symbol.
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