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Issue credits issues

Fred Slota

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1) I have selected a simple issue, like "Ocean Master: Year of the Villain" and have focused on the issue.  Simple credits, one writer, two artists.  Hmm, they're in blue, that's a hyperlink... I click on the name Dan Watters, and golly gee, I search is performed to show me all issues written by Dan Watters.  How convenient.  But....suppose I click on the far right of the screen at the same height, inches and inches away from the Blue text.  Now, I have to wait for a search of issues written by Dan Watters to complete, and I'm now focused on the first issue in that search instead of where I was.  If you can't narrow the actual clickable area, would it be possible to prevent it from actually performing a search if you hadn't in fact, been clicking on a name?

2) Okay, I've done a search for Issues written by Dan Watters, and I've decided I want to look at the first issue it returns, 24 Panels #1.  Gee, there sure are a lot of Storylines and Writers.  I happen to have my window configured where the grid takes up most of the space.  There are so many writers credits that someone's name is covered by the +/- issue manipulation buttons, and many others that run to a second line are cut off by the grid.  If I tighten it up a little more, I can't even tell that there were supposed to be more than a single line of writer names.  Poor Dan Watters, I can't see his name anywhere.  Anyone see a problem here.  I'm sure Dan Watters does.  Non-overlapping controls and a scroll bar, maybe?

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