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Sorting consistency

Fred Slota

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TL:DR - Sort on AlphabeticTitle for the Find "My Comics", please.

What do we want?
Where do we want it?
When do we want it?
Well, whenever you can get around to it......


But seriously...

Observe the following:

2099 Alpha
2099: Manifest Destimy
2099 Omega
2099 Sketchbook
2099 Special (Panini Italy)
2099 Special: The World of Doom
2099 Unlimited
2099: World of Tomorrow

This uses the mangled-for-better-behavior AlphabeticTitle field, which among other things is punctuation agnostic. Notice how the ':' is ignored.

The sorting happens for:

Title order in the Titles dialog
Title Left and Title Right buttons
Find for Titles that contain "2099"
Find for QtyInStock > 0 (manual My Comics search)
Collection Overview Report
Collection Report


Now, I personally don't have all these titles. Of the ones I do have, this is the order I get with a Find on the top-listed hard-coded "My Comics":

2099 Alpha
2099 Special: The World of Doom
2099 Unlimited
2099: Manifest Destiny
2099: World of Tomorrow

Ooops. That darn ':'.
Also, Series/Volume ordering.

I have no idea where it placed my issues of "The 'Nam", which should be as "Nam", but is not there, not at the begining nor at the end with a possible ', not at "The"...

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