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ComicBase 2020 Archive Edition freezes mid-opening


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Not sure about the freezing part but for the 'Cannot run 2 databases at once' part...

Open Task manager, find the ComicBase 2020 (32 bit) app, right click on it and select End Task from the pop-up menu (or high-light it then click the End Task button at the bottom).

This will terminate the already running process and allow you to (attempt) restating CB.


Before restarting CB, if you don't have the latest version (v20.0.2.3433), I would download and install it.  It may help.


PS when I installed this version, when I opened CB, it was delayed while it did something regarding Items (can't recall exact message) but it had a progress bar and, even though it seemed to not be moving at times, it eventually finished and opened CB.

Edited by Steven L. Dasinger
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