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Upgrade from professional to Archive Edition

Paul Wills

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It has been awhile but I don't recall any major problems.

Pay to upgrade to Archive Edition.

Down the Archive Edition.

You can either Un-Install the Pro Edition and then install the Archive Edition (probably safest) or (possibly) just install the Archive Edition (which should do the un-install for you).

The only thing I can think of that could give a problem is if the Serial # of the Archive Edition is different from your Pro Edition Serial #.  You can check in you account act ComicBase.com by looking at the Registrations. If it is different, you will need to enter it somewhere ( I can't seem to find where but you may be prompted for it when installing or first opening the database. If you have problems send an email to Support@comicbase.com.

Also, either order the disks to get all the covers or download all the picture files then install them from inside CB.


You will use the same database as it is not deleted during any install process.





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