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Steven L. Dasinger

Cover Scan Maintenance 2020-09-10

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Delete or Move 1.jpg
From: Pictures\W\WildStorm\Wetworks- Argmageddon
To: Pictures\W\WildStorm\Wetworks- Armageddon

Delete or Rename Bk 1-HC.jpg to 1-HC.jpg then Move
From: Pictures\C\Checker\Steve Canyon (Milton Caniff's-)
To: Pictures\H\Hermes\Steve Canyon- The Complete Series

Rename TPB 2.jpg to TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Conluvio- The Art of Ben Templesmith

Rename TPB 3.jpg to TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\T\TwoMorrows\How to Create Comics

Rename TPB 6.jpg to TPB.jpg and TPB 6-2.jpg to TPB-2.jpg
From: Pictures\A\Adventure House\Marvel Tales (Adventure House)

Rename TPB 1.jpg to TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward, The

Rename TPB 3.jpg to TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\T\Taschen\Sally Forth (Taschen)

Rename HC.jpg to HC 24.jpg
From: Pictures\A\Active Images\Tim Sale- Black and White

Rename TPB 7.jpg to TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\S\Sanctum\Whisperer Double Novel, The

Delete 1-2.jpg
From: Pictures\C\Chick\Crusaders, The (Chick)
(Duplicate of 1.jpg)

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