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G. Hecht

The Grim Reaper Report for 10/14/2020

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Hate to say it, but maybe Blue Öyster Cult was wrong when they said "don't fear the reaper" 'cuz he sure has been busy.  


•  The database includes the title 2020 Ironheart. Was this series ever published?  I know that Marvel cancelled the physical publication of various comics in the wake of the covid shutdown and then changed their minds for most of them.  I think that this is one of titles that never got resurrected (although they did show up on Comixology and in a tpb with the iWolverine series).  

•  At one point DC solicited a facsimile edition of Batman #321, and then it got cancelled.  Has this been resolicited?  If not, then Batman #321/A should be deleted from the database.  

•  The database includes Archie 1955 Book 1.  I know that this was solicited and then cancelled.  Has it been resolicited yet?  While I'm sure that it will be at some point, but if that hasn't actually happened yet then the current listing should be removed.  

•  The database includes issues #5 & #6 for Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul.  Those issues were cancelled.  Were they ever resolicited?

•  Pre-covid, DC solicited DC War Giant #1.  Then it was cancelled.  I've totally lost track of which of these books were resolicited or shifted to be just a Walmart (i.e., non-direct market) release.  Does this book exist?

•  Empyre: Ghost Rider, Empyre: Invasion of Wakanda, Empyre: Spider-Man, Empyre: Squadron Supreme, Empyre: Stormranger, and Empyre: Thor were all cancelled.  I don't think that they even exist on Comixology.  

•  Strikeforce #10 was supposed to be an Empyre tie-in issue.  Then it got cancelled when Empyre was slimmed down.  I don't think that it was ever resolicited.  

•  The Union (Marvel) was supposed to be a tie-in or spin-off with Empyre.  Then it got cancelled.  A series from Marvel is forthcoming and I *think* that the the first issue is supposed to be solicited all over again in the upcoming catalog, but in the meantime the slate should be wiped clean and the original entries for this title deleted from the database.  

•  Event Leviathan: Checkmate was solicited then cancelled.  Bendis has stated that it is still in the works, but with all of the changes at DC, I think that it is best that the title be deleted until we see the resolict.  

•  Generation One isn't happening.  It's been cancelled and the material is being repurposed for a series with a different title.  

•  At one point DC solicited Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity Secret Files #1 as having two different covers.  At one point, they cancelled one of the variants so I'm fairly sure that there is only one version of the book that actually saw print.  Can anybody confirm?

•  Manhunters: The Secret History:  You'll be hunting for these issues for a long time, man.  Because the secret is that they were all cancelled.  

•  Book #1 for Monster World: The Golden Age was solicited, but then it got cancelled.  Can anybody confirm whether it has been resolicited?

•  Valkyrie: Jane Foster #11 & #12 were solicited but they were cancelled.   Issue #10 was the last issue of the series.  (#10 was also cancelled at one point, but then it was actually resolicited and has been published.)  

•  X-Men: Dawn of X Saga never saw the light of day.  Cancelled.  

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