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Jinx needs help

Michael Allen

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The title Jinx needs some help in Comicbase. I applaud the effort to attempt putting them all in one listing with a sort of Bendis-approved legacy numbering system of sorts, but it seems to have failed. As far as I know, there were 7 issues from Caliber and then 2 specials. Then five issues of Vol 2 from Image and two specials (three if you count the Hoo-Hah special which has its own listing in Comicbase. Then, the six issue series Jinx: Torso. The Comicbase listings fall apart after the fifth issue of volume two. It appears that there are two issues of Torso, followed by something called Fire which was (also?) a two issue Bendis title from Caliber (as was AKA Goldfish for that matter.) Then there are the two specials and then two more issues of Torso? I think? There are no pictures and descriptions are iffy. Regardless, there are one or two issues of Torso unaccounted for by any reckoning. To make matters more confusing, the indicia for Torso is Jinx Series 21, which doesn't correspond to the Comicbase numbering at all. And issue 6 is Jinx Series 27. I didn't even bother to look at 2-5 to find out where one of the specials seems to fit in. More work could be done to fix this, aligning it with an official, complete list, and then including pictures and the actual titles and numbering in the notes, but it seems like the best avenue is to just break everything into separate listings, but that comes with its own problems.

Too bad Comicbase hasn't done this sort of numbering system on Hellboy or some of the other Dark Horse series of minis with printed legacy numbering first. Would have been much easier than this cluster.

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