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  1. Can we move Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children back to comics from books? Along the spectrum from comics through to illustrated prose, this title was on the side of comics. Also, since it was formatted, sold and accepted as a comic, the TPB denomination doesn’t work and becomes overly complicated since there were actual trade paperback collections of the issues.
  2. For what it is worth, I have never seen a copy of the second issue. Then again, I have also never run across either of the two issue of Vol. 2 that Mitch Cohn published in 1992, which don't appear to contain the material that was advertised for Vol. 1 #2. The ad does make it seem like it was available through mail order, though, so maybe some copies exist, but I suspect it was never published.
  3. Great tip. It was a gift and I have wondered what it was for decades. Thanks, Steven.
  4. I was cleaning up my data and getting the books that changed categories fixed, but a couple titles didn't take, which doesn't make sense to me considering most of my changes worked. Comico Attractions and DC Direct Currents, to take two examples, used to be in comics and are now in magazines. Rather than copying the issues to the new title and then deleting the duplicates, I just wrote down the issues and grades on a piece of paper and manually input the books into the magazines listing and then deleted them from the comics listing. I am pretty certain I didn't get mixed up and somehow do it backward (which wouldn't really be possible anyway.) After the update they popped up on the unrecognized report again and it is as if I didn't do anything. They are still listed as in-stock as comics, and not as magazines. Does anyone have any idea what happened? Is there a glitch with doing it manually somehow? It doesn't make sense to me, so I figured I would ask before I do the same thing again to see if it works.
  5. Yeah. I noticed this as well when the book turned up on my unrecognized items report. The actual title of the book, by the indicia, is Brotherman. The subtitle only appears on the cover. The correct title was deleted and now it is Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline unless it gets changed. If you run the newest update and click the delete obsolete items tab, there will only be one.
  6. Okay. Works for me. This is why one of my custom fields is Filing Type. It is nice when it matches the ComicBase designation, but not really essential to me knowing where and what it is in my own collection.
  7. History of Grendel, The: Devil in Reflection should be moved to comics.
  8. Good to know. My attention has not been directed to books lately. I will let you know as I find discrepancies.
  9. It seems that staple-bound books are now being classified as TPB. It could just be in the cases I have seen, but it seems curious. There is an option for staple-bound. Why not use it? The two examples I have at hand are the first printing of the Cerebus Guide to Self-Publishing and the Powers Encyclopedia. Both are packaged like standard comics, and both used to be listed as staple-bound but got switched to TPB. Also, Powers Encyclopedia should be moved to comics, if you ask me. If OHOTMU and Who's Who are comics (please don't move them), then so is this. It is words and pictures telling a story, or at least fleshing out backstory. A story doesn't have to be a narrative in any strict sense and doesn't need to conform to any standard style to fall into our definition of comics. Epistolary novels are still novels. I'm not trying to open a big can of worms, and I'm not trying to make the argument that any magazine with illustrations should be a comic. I am just trying to appeal to general comic common sense and consistency, and want to make sure everyone is on the same page, so to speak.
  10. A few weeks ago in the livestream, Pete was saying how everyone needed to run some sort of report to identify and fix stranded or changed items that got moved from comics to magazines or books or the like when there was a lot of category changing going on behind the scenes. I finally got a chance to do it, and can't find the portion of the livestream where it was mentioned, nor any mention in the forums. It seemed pretty important at the time, and I am sure I had quite a few things affected. Can anyone clue me in on how to run the report or do whatever it was I am supposed to do to get things fixed?
  11. I agree. I have the same book sitting in my pile of problem inputting issues to deal with. The title should be changed from Red Prequel to Red: Eyes Only. I will send an email to support so it gets fixed.
  12. Reactor Girl Vol. 2 is actually Vol. 1, and Reactor Girl Vol. 2 is listed as Reactor Girl. There was one issue of Vol. 1 in 1991 and then 6 issues of Vol. 2 starting in 1992. The titles should be swapped in Comicbase if possible. Indicias and dates in books and Comicbase confirm this.
  13. The title Jinx needs some help in Comicbase. I applaud the effort to attempt putting them all in one listing with a sort of Bendis-approved legacy numbering system of sorts, but it seems to have failed. As far as I know, there were 7 issues from Caliber and then 2 specials. Then five issues of Vol 2 from Image and two specials (three if you count the Hoo-Hah special which has its own listing in Comicbase. Then, the six issue series Jinx: Torso. The Comicbase listings fall apart after the fifth issue of volume two. It appears that there are two issues of Torso, followed by something called Fire which was (also?) a two issue Bendis title from Caliber (as was AKA Goldfish for that matter.) Then there are the two specials and then two more issues of Torso? I think? There are no pictures and descriptions are iffy. Regardless, there are one or two issues of Torso unaccounted for by any reckoning. To make matters more confusing, the indicia for Torso is Jinx Series 21, which doesn't correspond to the Comicbase numbering at all. And issue 6 is Jinx Series 27. I didn't even bother to look at 2-5 to find out where one of the specials seems to fit in. More work could be done to fix this, aligning it with an official, complete list, and then including pictures and the actual titles and numbering in the notes, but it seems like the best avenue is to just break everything into separate listings, but that comes with its own problems. Too bad Comicbase hasn't done this sort of numbering system on Hellboy or some of the other Dark Horse series of minis with printed legacy numbering first. Would have been much easier than this cluster.
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