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I am using Sets to indicate which bins my comics are stored in, I am still using the free trial version to do my preliminary testing for usage and to help make my decision on purchase.

I would like to be able to print a list for each of my bins, and add to the bin, in order to have an at a glance audit, for each bin. 

Is there a way to sort by Set, or is there a way to better set up my storage system? 


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I don't know of any Report or Search (Find) that works with Sets. I think they were created for selling on Atomic Avenue.
Instead, if you opt for at least the Professional Edition, you will have some Custom fields that you can use (4 text, 2 date, and 3 check box).
With a custom Text field, you can name one 'Bin #' and record the bin number there.
You can run Reports and Finds on the Custom fields.

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