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Covers Deleted after Updates

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Hello. I often purchase variant covers from retailers such as Bulletproof, Unknown, Comics Elite, etc. Lately I have noticed that after creating the issue variant and going to the trouble to scan and add them, the covers themselves disappear from the list of issues (and yes, the ones that I add, for example '1/W' are still there). Is there a way to prevent these from being removed during the updates?  Help!

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First a couple of items.

1) If you added a cover, it is NOT deleted by any update. (The Issue number may have changed but the actual cover is not deleted).

2) If you added an Issue and the Qty in Stock is 1 (or more) the Update will NOT deleted it. (It may change information on the issue but what depends on your setting of the Update.

With this in mind, what exactly is going on? Are you adding Issues but not setting Qty in Stock to 1 (or more)?

Also, keep in mind that for these special variants, the editors at HC don't know about them. They can only add them as they are submitted by a user. However, if more than one person submits a '1/W' variant, but one person has 1/w as a BulletProof variant and the another person has 1/W as an Unknown variant, then there is a conflict and 'something' has to be done.

For these types of variants, it is better to notify support, let them add it to the database and wait for it to come through the Update process.


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First let me address your comment about adding a quantity in stock. After downloading the latest update today, this issue was in my inventory, but the cover that I had just added last week was not. Second, about the editors at HC not knowing about them, when I download updates only then do I add my new variant issues because it is obvious that they are not already accounted for. Upon doing so, I then 'Submit New or Corrected Data' and even receive the message on a regular basis that there is a larger scan available for upload (I always click 'Yes'). And to your comment about if someone else has added 1/w versus 1/W, not sure what you mean about that. Again, if there is nothing in the update... And lastly, do not understand you last comment. What exactly am I accomplishing by contacting support? I am the one scanning the cover that they do not already have. I thought that one of the great features of CB is that users can submit updates to help not only the CB staff but all of our fellow users as well. If I worked for them, I would certainly welcome that support from my customers. Oh well, just the thoughts of a typical collector who doesn't like having to do things twice.

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Still not sure I understand what problem you are having when you state:

"the covers themselves disappear from the list of issues"

Can you describe in more detail what you do and when 'covers disappear'?


Generically,  there are two possibilities when submitting new information: 1) existing Issue or 2) New Issue (being one you created not from an Update).

For 1 (existing Issue), If you add a cover to CB, it goes to the corresponding Pictures folder. After submitting the cover, HC will review it and it will be added to the database. The cover is already in your folder.

For 2 (New Issue), if you add a cover to CB, it, again, goes to the corresponding Pictures folder. After submitting the New Issue and Cover, HC will review it and (assuming there are no problems), it will be added to the database. Again, since the cover is already in your folder.

In both cases, the cover is in your Pictures folder and the Update process shouldn't delete it.  Which gets back to what you mean about 'disappering covers'.

PS  What I meant about the the two 1/W issue is this. It has to do with creating New Issues and submitting them:

Title X has an Issue with variants up to 1/V.  That is how it looks in your database and my database.
At this point you find another variant, say from BulletProof. Since it is not in your database, you might Create a New Issue 1/W and submit it.

At the same time, I might find another variant, say from Unknown. I, also, create a New Issue for 1/W and submit it.

This means HC would get to New Issue requests for Title X
1/W variant from BulletProof (from you)
1/W variant from Unknown (from me)

If both are accepted, one of them will have to be changed to 1/X.
It is this case, Creating and Submitting New Issues where it might be better to notify HC about the Variants and letting them assign the letter.
But, even in this scenario, no cover should go missing. It may be associated with a wrong variant Issue (you added 1/W and HC had to change it to 1/X so the cover you have should be changed to 1/X.

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