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Cover Scan Maintenance 2021-02-18

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Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 2.jpg)
From:Pictures\S\Source Point\Salvagers
To: Pictures\D\Dirty Planet\Salvagers

Delete 1-A.jpg Then Rename 1-B.jpg to 1-A.jpg
From: Pictures\A\American Mythology\American Mythology Monsters
(1-A is a duplicate of 1.jpg)

Delete 7.jpg
From: Pictures\S\Stanmor\Navy Task Force
(duplicate of 1.jpg)

Delete 2.jpg Then Rename 2-A.jpg to 2.jpg
From: Pictures\A\Ahoy\Penultiman
(2.jpg and 2-A.jpg are duplicates but 2-A has the barcode so 2.jpg if probably a preliminary cover.)

Delete 1-F.jpg
From: Pictures\B\Boom!\Unkindness of Ravens, An
(duplicate of 1-B.jpg)

Delete 12-B.jpg, 12-C.jpg, 12-D.jpg and 12-E.jpg
From: Pictures\M\Marvel\X\X-Men (5th Series)

Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - YB 6.jpg)
From: Pictures\O\O'Quinn\Starlog
To: Pictures\S\Starlog\Starlog

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