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Wizard Ace, 0 (Zero), 1/2 Editions

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I was fortunate over this past weekend to receive a box from a local collector that was full of Marvel, DC, Image, and other 'special' comics and inserts that were only available via a subscription to Wizard The Magazine. Also included were several FCBD editions. Regarding the Wizard items, what is the best way to find out where they might be located in CB? Some have UPC and other codes but not all are picked up by using CTRL-J or the barcode scanner. For example, I have two copies of Dynamite's Project Superpowers Chapter Two Prelude (Only $1.00) that is not in the listing for that series (does have a UPC 'label') but it was not read). Any ideas?

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Your best bet would be to search in the database for the relevant title.  In some vary rare cases, these kinds of issues ended up in their own separate title but usually they are grouped in with the regular "normal" issues.  

The Project Superpowers Chapter Two Prelude issue was given its own title.  The database lists three variants.  I am fairly sure that there was not a Wizard magazine version of that particular issue.  There *was* a Project Superpowers #1/2 issue that was put out through Wizard, and that has been catalogued in the database with the first Project Superpowers title.  

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