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Errors when converting old database to new format

T Brock

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I recently upgraded from CB 2017 to 2021, but can't get my old database to convert to the new format.  The old .CBA file opens perfectly in CB 2017 Archive Edition, but when I try to open it in the new CB 2021 Archive Edition, the conversion starts and then I get a host of error windows.

The first error is:

An error occurred which required your preferences to be reset.

Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another. (-2146825287)

I click "OK" and the next error comes up:

No connection associated with this command when attempting to get number of results:

SELECT Count(I.ID) FROM ComicIssues As I JOIN ComicTitles as T on T.TitleID WHERE I.Title = 'Batman'


And so on... until I get the close program window...


Does this sound familiar to anyone and any suggested solutions?



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What Edition of CB do you have? If you can Export / Import your data (I think you need Archive or maybe Pro to do this), that may be a way to get your data into a new database.

If you have a current subscription for CB 17, I would run download the last Weekly update, Create a new 2021 database and run the download on that database to get them in sync (new / delete Titles and Issue).

If you do import data, do a search for 'Unknown Publisher' to find any Items that couldn't be matched.

Finally, you will come across issues relating to Books and Magazines being split out into their own view. After you do the Import, I would force another Weekly Update (do this by pressing and holding the SHIFT key while selecting Check for Updates). This will generate a list of unmatched Titles/Issues (most like Books and Magazines) that you can use Edit->Change Media Types to place in the proper locations.

Or, contact support@comicbase.com and see if they can help you convert your old database.

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