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Wink K. Holte

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I took Custom Field 1 and Changed it to read Autograph, so in my Database all comics that are Autographed by someone their name is entered in that field.  How can I sort my Database to get a copy of only the comics I Have with Autographs?  Sounds simple Right!  I Know I have roughly 100 - 125 Autographed Comics out of my 19,000 book collection, but every time,  every which way I've tried to sort I have gotten 1,700, or 1,900 comics that are not even autographed.  What have I missed.

Im running Comicbase 2021


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If I follow what you are doing, you have the text Custom Field 1 box (renamed to Autograph) filled in with the name of the person who signed an issue.

To Find all of those issues (and maybe a few other things) if to do a Find with Item Fields of Custom Field 1 (or Autograph), Is Greater Than. You can leave the value box empty.

This should find all the issues that have 'something' typed in the Custom Field 1 text box.

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