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  1. Pete. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying ComicBase. I really appreciate the software, it's many great features, and the fact that it works with the AtomicAvenue.com online sales platform.

    I collected pretty heavily in the 80s as a teen, then left the hobby. I lugged about a 5-600 book collection around with me for 40 years, and between 2009 and 2014 I more than doubled the size of my collection to  (much to my surprise) over 1600+ books.

    I purchased CB in June 2022 (Archive Edition) and having all the covers REALLY(!!!) helped when entering the collection. I recently completed adding everything in and put it all for sale on Atomic Avenue. Two orders popped almost immediately. So I'm using the Gemini mailers and the whole process has been equal parts exhausting and fun.

    I'm so glad to have had your software and be able to move these books out to some new friends to enjoy now that I've had my fill.

    Also, FANTASTIC customer service. I was the one you mentioned on this week's stream about the divider labels being tweaked. I went round and round and sent in many screen shots about that, and they got it all fixed up "real purdy like".

    I watch the stream every week now, but unfortunately never live. I have IRL gaming at my house Wednesdays noon - 6 pm so I cant' catch it.

    Anyway, THANX SO MUCH Pete for all the great things you're doing, and I hope to sell my collection over time, and even if it all goes fast, there's always the 40 books I'm sending in to CGC that'll be back in the year 2050, so there's that. HAHA!

    If my gaming mates ever all miss a Wednesday, you'll see me in the stream chat.

    Rob Twohy

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