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  1. try downloading/installing the revised CB2020 program installer ( from your online account here:



    Restart your computer and then open up Sidekick. Double-check you Sidekick settings just in case like the databases listed under the General Tab are correct. If everything looks good, try out backing up to the cloud.


    NOTE: we are currently doing server maintenance this week which may delay stats, reports, and backups from appearing under user profiles; it may take a bit more time to process them than usual.


  2. 14 hours ago, Douglas W. McCratic said:

    I've been noticing a ton of preliminary artwork being downloaded despite having "Don't download preliminary artwork" checked.  I would say about 50% of my newest additions to my inventory last week are showing preliminary artwork.  Is the checkbox working for others?  Is there something I can do to correct it?

    On the same topic, once final art is released does CB replace the preliminary?

    We typically order the regular covers for our office, scan those, then replace the prelims on their release week. Due to the explosion of variants in recent years, we don't always replace those prelim variants the same week they actually release; they are so many to hunt down it can take time. User submitted covers we also take and replace prelims too.

  3. if the latest build doesn't truly address the trouble, we'd be curious to how the report looks when you view. Can you screenshot it then email us at support@comicbase.com?

  4. You will no longer be able to print out the find list results like with older versions of CB. Instead, you'll have to select/highlight the find results that are generated then copy and paste them into a blank spreadsheet or word document.

    *take advantage of the 'Columns to View' option under the Setup menu. You can make visible on the main screen interface what fields you want to see and in what order. This can cut down the fields you decide to copy out.


  5. First... we just updated the build with few bug fixes. Just download/install it again from your www.comicbase.com account (My Account menu>Registrations).

    The programming team informs me the date settings for ComicBase are inherently YYYY-DD-MM now. Try going into the File Menu>File Tools>Rebuild Lists>Select Item Information and Rebuild. Afterwards, try switching to Dutch and see if that solves your problem.

    If the trouble still lingers, please contact our team directly at support@comicbase.com.


  6. If the dbs weren't the problem then it has to be your computer. Your specs seem okay... I've seen computers with lower specs that run CB2020 pretty decently but not as slow as you describe.

    Are there any other programs possibly running that could be shutdown or removed on your computer? If you have another computer available, you might try running the software on that.

  7. -uninstall the software

    -Verify your Windows system is up-to-date with any updates, particular your .Net Framework. Ideally, you want to be running on Windows 10

    -if you have any anti-virus software running, consider turning it off temporarily (they can sometimes block a full installation).

    -lastly, redownload the CB2020 Pro program installer setup file from our website and see if you're able to install it.


    If you have no luck, please contact our team directly at support@comicbase.com OR 408-266-6883

  8. Try out the latest build for the CB2020 program installer; just redownload/install it from your online account (ComicBase.com>My Account Menu>Registrations).

    *You might want to 'remove' any reports you currently have under your online account before you upload new reports with the new build.

    If you still have trouble, contact our team directly at support@comicbase.com

  9. 22 hours ago, Kurt D. Koester said:

    Hello. I'm brand new to ComicBase (and databases in general) and appreciate your advice in advance for a couple of questions I have.

    1) I have my entire comic book collection (over 6,600 comics) in an Excel spreadsheet. Is it possible for me to import the data from that spreadsheet into ComicBase? If so, how would I do that?

    2) Can I make a database that only has listings that I have, and would that make it run better? I don't purchase any new comics (stopped buying comics in mid 90's) and am only now and then purchasing older comics to fill in gaps. If so, how would I do that?

    Thank you.

    -you'll need to convert your info into a tab separated txt file. Needed info to pull of a minimal import (title name, issue number, qty in stock, condition). Feel free to email our support team directly if you have further questions.

    -you can create a new database under the file menu if you need to catalog a different collection.

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