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  1. looks like we don't have it. Feel free to enter it yourself then send us data for it through the software (internet menu>send new or corrected data) so we can official added it to the Master database.

    If the book has an interior indicia (fine credits) page, use what is stated there to officially title it into ComicBase. Thanks.

  2. Hey Brad,

    Your subscription status is in an expired state so you'll want to consider renewing so you can properly update your database. Renewing would also get you our new CB2020 version (CB17 has been discontinued for a few years already).

  3. I believe the music got taken out because not a lot programs these days have start-up music.

    I'll mention it though in our next team meeting. You guys care for that classic start-up music we used to have going as far back as version 11?

  4. After you add in the new things to your CB db, go the File Menu and pick the 'Collection Statistics' option. This will sync your basic db stats to your online account.

    For newer reports for your collection:

    -In ComicBase, pick a report style (ex: Collection Report) under the Reports Menu, pick your report options, and hit the 'Save to Web' to upload it to your online account

    *ComicBase Sidekick can do this automatically for you through its 'Save to Cloud' option; take a look at your Sidekick settings (Schedule and Save to Cloud Tabs) to see if its setup for you already; you can tweak how often it uploads a new report and what reports will auto-upload for you.

  5. Tough to say... take a picture of it and email it to support@comicbase.com. If you recall what year you bought it that would be helpful as we've had different models over the years.

  6. Hi Brad,

    If you had any kind of software security (ex: MacAfee, Norton, etc.) running as you installed, they can sometimes block a full installation.

    Try turn into off for a few minutes, uninstall and reinstall then start up the software. See if that helps. If you have no luck, please contact our tech support team at support @comicbase.com OR give them a call at 408-266-6883.

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