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  1. @Fred Slota, I never received an answer on why the file was download from the forum servers as 0 bytes.  Would you like me to try to get you the files directly?  Do you have a Dropbox or Google Drive I should upload the file to?

  2. On 1/31/2022 at 6:47 AM, Fred Slota said:

    The .zip file is empty.

    @Fred Slota, my apologies.  I don't know what happened there.  I tried downloading and saw that it was 0 bytes as well.  However, on the link page itself, it says the page is the file size is 49 kB, which matches what I have locally.  @Steven L. Dasinger, do you know if there's someone I can contact to troubleshoot this?  For example, can someone check the zip file on the server?

  3. The various printings look to be all over the floor in terms of Notes and/or Item Descriptions.  I'm current on updates and just ran rebuild lists, so should be all up-to-date.  There's nothing in the item description fields, and some of the notes fields say it collects issues 1-6, others say it collect 1-2, and the first printing (Bk 1) actually says both!  Looks like the Collector's Set printings also suffer from this (and maybe even the Deluxe Set issues).  Just to add insult to injury, the Bk 1 third printing has the same UPC as the first (I own that one, but don't have access to it for now to check).

    I'm afraid this needs a good spring cleaning, but I'm afraid I don't have access to the various issues to straighten it out.  Can someone here (or on the Editorial Team) straighten it out, please and thank you?

  4. Well, THAT only took almost a year instead of "a week or so".  Unfortunately, there were some changes to the exported reports used as input data that requered some redesign, and it took waaaaaaaay longer than expected.  Shows what shrinking free time will get you...


    @Fred Slota, I've uploaded the fixed version here: 

    Thanks for your patience, and I hope it fits your needs.


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  5. FWIW, I know if an issue were delayed for whatever reason, the street date doesn't always get updated with the changed date (there were a number of issues (including Marvel) that were deferred from last year due to the pandemic) .  Could that explain what you're seeing?

  6. @Steven L. Dasinger, good memory!  That was indeed me, and I do still have it.  @Fred Slota, it's been several years since I worked on it, so it may need some tweaking and recompiling, but I think it still good.  Caveat emptor, your mileage may vary, etc., etc., but if you're willing to be a little patient and give me about a week, I'll work on cleaning it up and posting it.


    (I didn't realize we had a downloads section in the new forums, or I'd have done this sooner!)

  7. I've noticed some strange behavior with the update logs in build when updating content using Sidekick vs. within ComicBase itself.  I have three databases that I maintain and update weekly through Sidekick.  The update logs generated all have the name of the first database in the queue (which happens to be the default ComicBase Database.cbdb) in the log filename.  However, when I update from ComicBase, the log has the name of the database open (in this case, Default ComicBase Database.cbdb) is in the log filename.  The same also is true of the name of the database listed in the log itself.

    Either the filename variable isn't populating correctly when generating the log, or the log for the first update operation is getting created multiple times.

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