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  1. I'm going to try a full rebuild lists and see if that helps.  One thought occurs to me is that I think the issue had been marked Wanted, with Wanted issues set to automatically add to my AA want list, but the issue transferred titles.  I don't see it in my wish list, but it wouldn't surprised me if something got out of whack in the back end.  I do have some new issues behaving the same way, only these issues have a UPC, and when I search on it, I get a bad search result, and clicking on it takes me to some seemingly random title:


  2. On 2/12/2023 at 10:48 AM, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    What happens if you copy the name with the space and Paste it into the Find box at the top? Does that find it?

    No, it goes to the title with no space


    On 2/12/2023 at 10:48 AM, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    Alternately, since it is appearing in the Unknown report, that should mean you have Qty in stock set to 1 or more (or CB would have deleted it

    No, the issue in question has quantity 0, although the other issue in this title has qty > 0


    On 2/12/2023 at 10:48 AM, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    If you bring up the Title selection box (CTRL+T), click the Series in Stock radio button, does it show up in the list of Titles?

    Just the one title (without the ellipsis) shows up:


  3. Street Date should be a good indication of what Fred is looking for (that's the calendar date a book is released, not to be confused w/ Cover Date).  However, I've often seen that when an issue is delayed, that field doesn't get updated, so it's only about 95% accurate, I'd say.

  4. I noticed that the numbering for Action Comics 1050 and its multitude of variant covers went from 1050 to 1050/D (skipping 1050/A, 1050/B, and 1050/C).  Also, the UPCs went from 76194134388405011 to 76194134388405041 (skipping ...21 and ...31).  The implication is that either 1050 should really be 1050/A, or the UPCs just don't match up with the issue variants.

    Is it possible to get the numbering/UPCs fixed, for the sake of data integrity?

  5. On 12/11/2022 at 2:23 AM, Randall J. Paske said:

    Because the title had been in the database for a long time as "Grandpa," I didn't submit the correction to "Grampa" (as on the cover and in the indicia) from within ComicBase but instead sent a message to Support in case they didn't want to change it. So I'm responsible for it changing, but I'm not responsible for the typo with the remaining "d."

    @Randall J. Paske, I'm sorry if you thought I was blaming you (or anyone); that wasn't my intent.  Just trying to add some potential background on what may have happened.

    Mark Castaneda, I propose this title change as Gregory suggests and use "Grampa" instead of "Gramdpa" (and how can I tag you anyway; your name never shows up in the '@' dropdown for me! 😆)

  6. On 12/9/2022 at 2:44 PM, Gregory Hecht said:

    Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Gramdpa was added to the database.  Should that really be Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grampa ?  [note spelling]

    This had been in the database as Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grandpa; I suspect that someone inadvertently made a typo when editing and it got submitted as a correction?   The Grand Comics Database agrees with you, @Gregory Hecht:   Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grampa

  7. The issue of Amazing Spider-Man that came out this past Wednesday (Nov. 23, 2022) has a number of variant cover artists listed in the issue that aren't in the variations in the latest content update.  The following combos are missing:

    • Kyle Hotz (colored by Dan Brown)
    • Design cover by Ed McGuinness
    • Ed McGuinness (colored by Marcio Menyz)

    Since I don't have those issues, I can't determine which should be added or corrected to the database, and I'm listing them here for adjudication and correction.  I did note that there's a listing for a variant cover by John Romita Jr. that is not listed in the issue as well as a number of other covers that look to be some kind of exclusives.

    Thank you,


  8. On 9/13/2022 at 7:18 PM, Adam Sternberg said:


    I'm happy to work on the data submissions this weekend.

    Mark, I've submitted the corrections for the B&V Friends Forever titles (Archie and Friends was already done).  I did note that B&V Friends Forever: Halloween Spooktacular was not yet deleted as a title

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  9. On 9/12/2022 at 12:31 PM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

    Preferably, we'd like to have them listed under 1 title. We'll need to back track and revisit these 2 titles get all the issue listed underneath and remove the stand alone titles. If anyone would like to assist with this by sending in Corrected Data submissions that would be appreciated.


    I'm happy to work on the data submissions this weekend.

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