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  1. Thanks for the response. I didn't know how to de-select, previously. That works much better than navigating to the next title and then back again to display the publisher again.
  2. Thanks for the heads up, Peter. I'll start using the "FIND" search bar instead. That's helping me navigate much faster.
  3. I'd like to be able to click on the condition field and scroll to the appropriate condition using the letters on the keyboard. For example, click on condition field. Press V on the keyboard - the field changes to "Very Fine to...." I'd like the ability to press V again and have the condition field change to "Very Fine". Press V a third time to change to "Very good". This is something that I could do in previous editions of ComicBase. I'm hoping to regain some of the functionality that's been lost to me with ComicBase 2020.
  4. Select a title (I'm using 411 for this example) and you will notice that the publisher is displayed directly underneath the title. Then click on the unlabeled column at the left next to issue #2 and the publisher disappears. The only way you can get it back is to reload the title, again. Can you adjust it so the publisher is ALWAYS displayed?
  5. Mark, can you suggest this as a feature request, then? I'm just hoping to regain some of the capabilities that have been lost to me by updating to 2020.
  6. Mark, if I click the "Titles" button (located at top right), I experience about a 4 second delay. If I change my option to "titles in stock", then close out of the title search box ... I experience approximately a 2 second delay when I click the "Titles" button. However, it's worth noting that I never narrow my search this way ... I just wanted to see if this would affect the speed. my specs: processor - intel Core i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz Installed RAM - 8.00 GB system type - 64 bit
  7. Thanks. I figured that part out. I was hoping to regain the functionality that seems to have been lost from the previous edition of ComicBase. I used to be able to add items with previously unused designations without having to add them as variations. Does anyone else know if there's a way to do what I've asked in my original post?
  8. In previous editions of Comicbase, I could click on the Item # and begin typing to edit the entry of what I wanted to designate the issue number as. In ComicBase 2020, I've tried clicking on the item # and started typing. It didn't overwrite. I then tried double-clicking into the field but it didn't allow me to type in it that way either. How can I go about editing the issue # manually?
  9. I'd appreciate it if you could change it back to the previous way. Essentially, an extra step has been added.
  10. After clicking the "Titles" button, the pop-up search doesn't appear for four seconds. Selecting "Titles in Stock" shaves off about 2 seconds but I'm not interested in limiting my searches to just titles I already have. Is there any way to speed up this process?
  11. In the previous edition of ComicBase, if I clicked on the Condition field of Issue #2 of a series, the top image would change from the default (Issue #1) to the image of #2 (or whichever row I click on). How do I enable ComicBase 2020 to do the same thing? Currently, they only way I can get that top image to change is if I click on that left most (seemingly very unnecessary) column. I'd prefer to be able to eliminate that first step (which didn't exist previously).
  12. Adventurers began publication at Aircel. Two issues were published. Then, Adventure (the publisher) picked up the title and reprinted issue #1 but not issue #2.
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