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  1. This worked for me as well - thanks for posting!
  2. Windows 10 Home, 64-bit Other than browser pop-up and tracker blockers, I'm only running Windows Security on the system. But your final suggestion worked. The installer must have detected SAP Crystal Reports on my machine (although I can't find anything with any part of that name when searching the hard drive) because running the installer gave me the options to remove or reinstall. I "reinstalled" and after restarting CB, all is well. HUGE thanks, @Mark J. Castaneda!
  3. Sorry, Mark, didn't have notifications on. Thanks for the reply! Clarifying, I neither installed nor uninstalled SAP Crystal Report - it was CB2022 I reinstalled. There is no evidence of SAP Crystal Report on my machine either before or after installing CB2022. Other than that line, I have followed your instructions to the letter twice now with no change to outcome. What other information can I provide that would be helpful to figuring this out?
  4. Followed the attached instructions except there were no instances of SAP Crystal Reports on my machine. Reinstalled and still having the same error whenever I try to prepare any reports. Program otherwise working fine before and after the reinstall. Can someone please advise?
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