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  1. Yes, I didn't realize you could select all and remove. That should certainly make things easier 🙂
  2. I really wish this screen had a button the clear the current selections; a big red X next to the plus and minus. I tend to print labels 30 at a time and the fastest way that I've found to clear the list is to reopen the database.
  3. Any opinions on who makes the best long boxes? The majority of my collection is housed in Drawer Boxes (which I love) but I need to store overflow. Comic shops here only have the BCW boxes, which don't hold their shape well and the handles tend to tear. Looking for something that is overall strong with strong handles for getting moved around a lot.
  4. Wondering why Secret War 2-2 was changed to 2/A with completely inaccurate info. The printing/date/cover price were all accurate in the original entry (despite the indicia giving the price at $3.99 the cover is $3.50)
  5. Thanks, that fixed it. Everything runs successfully now.
  6. This has been an ongoing issue for some time so every backup I have is affected. I've emailed the support address a couple of times but nobody ever responds. Anyway, I just now made a fresh cloud backup.
  7. When I try to use file tools, rebuild series information it fails with the following error. I’m assuming that there is bad data somewhere. Is there any type of logging that can tell me exactly where the process is failing so that I can manually fix? Clicking continue just caused the process to hang indefinitely - I’ve tried removing the indicated title (and all those around it) from the database to no avail. I’ve also updated to the most recent build (3085) to no effect.
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